How important is a business surveillance system?

The Benefits of a Business Surveillance System

Too often at ATP we are called in to install surveillance systems only after there was a questionable incident at a business place. That’s when business owners realize how important it is to have a quality surveillance system.

Similarly, this recent incident will show just how essential it is to have a business security system with surveillance cameras.

The incident that was caught on camera

As you’ll see in this video reported by ABC7 Eyewitness News, a man from New Jersey attempted to stage a slip and fall incident. He filled ice from a dispenser, threw the ice on the ground, and then pretended to slip and fall from the ice on the floor. He then filed a false insurance claim.

But, because there was a camera in the room, they were able to have him charged for filing a false claim.

Now, can you imagine if this company never had a video system in place? What the repercussions of this attempted deceit may have caused?

And this is not an isolated incident. Too often there are persons – even employees and contractors – willing to go to extreme lengths so that they can sue a business owner.

Would you have a video of a similar incident to prove your case in court and protect your business? If not, then you need to consider what could happen to your business if you lost such a suit. Don’t let this happen to you when you can easily avoid it with a quality surveillance system.

Choosing a surveillance system

Did you realize how much detail you could pick up in that video? You could see the ice on the floor, the man pouring the ice on the floor, the full details of the person’s face, the complete area of the store. The surveillance system was of a high-quality, and the cameras placed just right for protection from incidents like this.

That’s what working with a security firm can help you to achieve. At ATP Alarms, we ensure that all the systems we install are done for maximum impact and surveillance quality.

So, if you have an inferior CCTV system or none at all, then give us a call. We’ll come, evaluate your situation, and discuss the best option for your property.

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