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Alarm Basics 101

Asset Protection

A device designed to guard against theft. It easily affixes to any valuable requiring protection including paintings, flat screen TVs and other electronics, family heirlooms, safes, machinery, equipment and more. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, toxic gas that can kill in minutes. Professionally installed, monitored carbon monoxide detectors can play a critical role in saving lives. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Control Panel

Contains the processor that transmits monitoring information to the central station.

Door / Window Sensors

Triggers the alarm if a secured door or window is opened while the system is armed. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Glass Break Detector

Triggers the security system upon detecting the sound of breaking glass, while ignoring the sounds of thunderstorms, telephones and other common noises. Can be hardwired or wireless.


Allows the security system to be turned on or off by entering a code. Every system usually has one of these near the most frequently used door. There are several options and styles to choose from. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Motion Detectors

Monitors open areas, triggered by movement and body heat. We have motion detectors that can tell the difference between a pet and an intruder. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Outdoor Motion Sensor

Ideal solution for outdoor motion detection. They alert you about movement in the perimeter area you want. Excellent for pool areas, driveway activity, sheds and other structures.


If an intruder tries to break-in, the sound of the siren will emit that lets intruders and your family know that the security system has been triggered.

Smoke & Heat Detectors

Detects smoke or unusually high temperature, sounds an alarm to warn you of a possible fire, sends signal to the central station. Depending on the laws in your area, there may be smoke regulations regarding the placement. Having this as part of your security system can save lives and property. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Temperature and Flood Sensors

Damage resulting from broken water pipes are the number one home insurance claim. Being notified upon the detection of water or the danger of frozen pipes can minimize damages or even circumvent them. Can be hardwired or wireless.

Video Cameras

Video Cameras add a layer of security that cannot be compared. Combined with Total Connect, you can receive e-mailed clips of an event in real time, when it happens. View from your cell phone or computer anytime from anywhere. Outdoor, infrared night vision, pan-tilt, multiple cameras. What’s going on at your house? Can be hardwired or wireless.

Wireless Key

Add a wireless remote control key to your security system. A hot item that fits right on your keychain and can be used as an emergency button.

Different System Types

I’m new to home security; can you give me a quick summary of how a basic system works?

atp-monitoring-service-v2Basic home security systems are comprised of three different components:

Sensors: these detect if a door or window is opened, if glass is broken or if there is movement in a particular room. When a sensor is triggered a signal is sent to the alarm’s control panel.

Control Panel: this centrally located device manages all the signals coming in from the sensors, and allows you to arm or disarm the alarm system. The control panel also notifies the monitoring service when a sensor is activated while the system is armed.

Monitoring Service: the monitoring service operates and is staffed 24/7, and looks after the signals sent by the alarm’s control panel. When they receive notification of an alarm they try to contact you and verify that the event was indeed valid and not an accident. They then dispatch the appropriate authorities if needed.

How are you different from traditional alarm companies that visit my neighborhood?

American Total Protection has several key differences from traditional alarm companies:

Connection – American Total Protection has many options. In short we have hard wired, wireless and hybrid systems…a combination of both hard wired and wireless. Our systems can communicate with the central station via your phone line, the internet and or a cellular radio depending on your specific system. American Total Protection offers a myriad of different layers of security and combined is virtually impossible to defeat, ensuring that your family or business is safe.

Price – American Total Protection offers several levels of monitoring service: a basic monitoring plan, or two levels of interactive monitoring plans. You choose the type of plan you would like, and the charge is the same no matter how many sensors your home requires. There are no hidden fees; many of our competitors cannot say the same.

Interactive – At American Total Protection, our alarm system can be completely interactive, meaning you can do things with your home security system that you never thought possible. View video feeds from your smartphone, get a text message when your power goes out or receive notification that your kids have arrived safely home from school. Plus, home automation features such as light control, climate control, and remote lock access are also available.

Why do I need a monitoring service? Why can’t I just use an alarm that scares the bad guys away?

While having a noisy alarm system in place may make you feel safer, the fact is that most burglars know that once they gain entry, they only have to disable the control panel and then they can proceed with ransacking the home. Noisy alarms alone will not increase safety; you need a security system that ensures authorities are called, even if the control panel is destroyed.

My home was recently broken into and I would like to install a security system ASAP. How do I get started?

American Total Protection knows that having your personal security compromised can be terrifying, Simply call us directly to get you protected ASAP.

Do you offer solutions for my small business?

American Total Protection offers many excellent security monitoring solutions for your small business.

Using TOTAL CONNECT, our Interactive level monitoring can let you know what time employees arrive and depart, and give you visibility into traffic to your business through text/ email alerts to your computer or smartphone. With our Ultimate Monitoring plan, you can also watch live video remotely, and have video clips sent directly to any smartphone. With a DVR, you can have all of your areas recorded digitally, 24/ 7. YES, we can secure your business.

If I relocate, how hard is it to take the unit with me?

American Total Protection wireless security system is easy to take with you when you move. Simply remove the sensors from doors and windows, unplug the command module and you are set to go. Once you have arrived at your new residence you can re-install the sensors and plug in the control panel. Give us a call to re-activate the system and your new home is protected. If you want American Total Protection to handle the whole move for you, this is an option also.

What devices do I need for optimal protection?

Since 90% of break-ins occur through the front or back door it is important to ensure that all accessible doors have sensors. Ground floor windows may be protected by individual sensors, motion sensors, or glass break sensors depending on specific layout and how the system will be used.

We offer several equipment packages and we will give you our free no obligation security assessment so that you can review to see what we recommend, and you can add any other devices you feel your home needs. Additionally, if you decide down the road that you need more sensors or components you can order and install them with no change to your monthly
monitoring fee.

We also invite you to call one of our helpful and knowledgeable Security Consultants for a comprehensive analysis of your protection needs, with zero sales pressure.

Do you have smoke and fire detectors?

YES, American Total Protection offers smoke and fire detectors for your home or business.

Will my alarm notify the fire department if there’s a fire while I’m away?

If a gas, smoke or fire alarm sensor is activated at any time, the monitoring center will attempt to verify an emergency before the fire department is dispatched to your home. There is no extra charge for monitoring of these devices, and if you subscribe to TOTAL CONNECT, you can also be notified immediately by text or email message that these sensors have been activated.

Do you have water or freeze sensors?

YES, American Total Protection has flood sensors as well as freeze sensors so that you can be assured that your home is safe when you are away. There is no extra charge for monitoring of these devices, and if you subscribe to TOTAL CONNECT, you can also be notified immediately by text or email message that these sensors have been activated.

Can I add additional equipment after the service is established, and will this increase my monitoring fees?

YES, Our home security system is quite flexible and allows you to add new equipment at any time. There will be a charge for the equipment and shipping (for equipment purchased after service is established). Depending on what Monitoring Plan you have will determine whether you need to upgrade to another service level.

Does your wireless system work on my home internet Wifi network?

Communication between the control panel and the monitoring station is through a phone line or cellular signal. Many cable providers now offer there telephone service, VOIP- voice over internet protocol, most of these services work with our system, but THE MAGIC JACK does not. You are not required to have a home wireless network for our home security system to work, but you will need a broadband connection to utilize our video services.

How Monitoring Works

What exactly is a central monitoring station?


Typically security systems send their signals over a telephone line to a central monitoring station-the facility that acts as the link between your home and the police, fire department, and emergency response authorities. A central station is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly skilled operators trained to respond to emergencies. The station operator alerts the proper authorities and dispatches help.

What happens when my alarm is triggered?

Step 1 – Alarm Triggered
When the alarm is triggered at your home, a signal immediately alerts one of our six Central UL Monitoring Stations.

Step 2 – ATP Response
Your alarm notification is received by our trained ATP Response Team standing by 24/7 ready to assist.

Step 3 – ATP Calls You
A member of our security team will call to verify if you are in need of assistance or if it was a false alarm.

Step 4 – We Send Help!
If help is needed we will contact the police, fire department or other emergency personnel immediately.

If the central monitoring station is notified via my phone line, how can I keep my family safe if the line is cut or out of service?

That’s a valid concern. In the event that your phone line fails or is cut, as an option there are back-up services that work in tandem with your home security system to ensure your safety. Our most popular option is the GSM, being an easy-to-install cellular radio service that contacts the central station in the event of an emergency. The only additional equipment required would be a small radio transmitter/ GSM that connects to the control panel of your security system.


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