4 Security Mistakes That Can Endanger Your Home

4 Security Mistakes That Can Endanger Your Home

Sometimes we are the ones that inadvertently put our family and property in danger. But, we can identify the areas we fall short and put in place measures to counteract these issues. Here are just four of the very costly home security mistakes that we make and how they can easily be remedied.

1. Failure to close windows / locks / doors

Call (844) 287-2576 - 4 Security Mistakes That Can Endanger Your Home. ATP Alarms Specializes In Home Security Systems. Call Now For A Free Security Quote.Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. An open window or door is, unfortunately, an invitation to a burglar. Even if you are home, thieves will be brazen enough to walk or climb in.

The main thing to do is keep your doors / windows locked. You can also mitigate this mistake by installing motion sensors on your doors and windows so that you can be notified if anyone attempts to breach that area. Automated and remote locks are also another option for preventing access to your home. Using timers or being able to lock access points from anywhere in the world allows you greater freedom to secure your property.

2. Forgetting to arm your security system

There is no point in getting a security system and then not using it to its full advantage.

You can put a reminder in your phone or put a note near the door to remind you to arm your system. The best option, however, in the event that you run out without arming is to upgrade to a security system that allows you remote access. This way you can arm the system using a phone app or going online even if you are not physically home. And you can also periodically check to ensure that it’s armed.

3. DIY installations

DIY installations can pose challenges not just to your home, but to warranty and use. We’ve discussed issues that can arise from DIY Security camera installation. But there are other areas of home security that you may feel can be addressed by simply doing it yourself.

Motion sensors, fire alarms, and security cameras need expert guidance to ensure that they are installed for your maximum protection.

Many insurance carriers will not give you a discount because your DYI security system was not professionally installed.

4. Belief that home security systems don’t work

This is a security mistake that is all too common these days. People arguing that home security systems are not worth the investment. Too often new clients indicate that if only they had known. We are not saying that a security system can ever be 100% fool proof. But, they go a long way in:

  • reducing opportunistic threats
  • protecting life and property, and
  • giving security forces much-needed information to apprehend criminals and recover stolen property.

Prevent Security Mistakes. Secure your home and property.

Most threats are based on opportunity. So, we need to lessen the opportunities for a potential criminal to target our property. And avoiding these four simple mistakes can go a far way in doing so.

After reading, we hope that you will take action to protect you and your loved ones. Even the smallest action today can make a great difference tomorrow.

If you would like some guidance on securing your home or automated solutions to help prevent simple mistakes, give us a call at ATP Alarms. We would be happy to help. Remember, this is real life. You need a real security company. ATP Alarms is American Total Protection.

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