Increase Your Property Value

A Home Security System Can Increase Your Property Value. Here’s How.

Most times when we think about of increasing property value, we settle on redoing the bathroom, renovating the kitchen, adding additional rooms. These are all good, but there is also another way which offers more value even while you continue to live there – home security. Your home security system can increase your property value.

Call (844) 287-2576 to learn how a Home Security System Can Increase Your Property Value. ATP Alarms Specializes on Residential Home Security Systems.With the rebound in the real estate market, maybe you might be thinking about selling your home to buy a new one. Even if not now, but in the future, you should always think about ways to increase the value of your property.

Whether you’re selling, renting, or just want to increase your value, this is how you can use a home security system to increase your property value.

Marketable Value – More Buyers Will be Interested in a Secured Home

Buyers won’t mind a higher price tag when they know the value they are getting. With a home that is already secured with the highest levels of home security installed, you can command a premium or better rate depending on the location of your property.

Just as how people buy cars and everyday items based on security ratings, so too will a new buyer be interested in your property because it has a fully functional home security system installed. Some of the security features that home buyers look for include:

  • Wired security systems
  • Motion detector lights
  • Interior and exterior surveillance cameras

These are elements you can easily include in your home – for your benefit as well – by calling ATP Alarms.

Personal Value – Savings on Homeowners Insurance

With a home security system, you could qualify for discounts on your homeowners’ insurance, even by up to 20% for a monitored system. This is because a comprehensive home security system can limit damages from burglaries, fires, and flood. With your home being kept safe from emergencies, you can get lower monthly insurance premiums from companies that appreciate the importance of a quality home security system.

How to Secure Your Property and Increase the Value

Installing security features and upgrading to automated security elements help to increase your property’s value. Valuable home automation devices that improve security include:

  • door and window sensors,
  • automated locks, and
  • motion-detecting lights.
  • And these can be integrated with your home security system which has:
  • an alarm system,
  • cameras, and
  • emergency detectors such as fire and carbon monoxide.

If you are ready to reap all the rewards and value of improving your home security, then contact ATP Alarms. One of our security professionals will review your security requirements and provide a quote to upgrade your home security for better value – both personal and marketable.

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