The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Home Security

What’s The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard?

It’s always easy to get advice. Sometimes it’s good advice based on years of experience that can make a positive impact in our lives. Other times it can lead us up a creek without a paddCall (844) 287-2576 to learn how to avoid the Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Home Security Systems. ATP Alarms specializes in Home Security Systems.le. And we can’t afford that when it comes to protecting our loved ones. Some advice is not worth listening to, much less acting on. Here is some of the worst advice we’ve ever heard about home security. I’m sure you will agree with us, they are indeed dangerous advice.

Use Fake Cameras/Fake Security Signs
Theoretically, they should work at deterring a criminal for fear of being caught. But what happens when it doesn’t? Most bogus signs are noticeably fake because they do not carry the name of a security company. And if you use a fake sign with the name of a security company you could face legal troubles. When a break in does occur, nothing will happen. No alarms. No notification. No recordings to use to identify the perpetrators of the crime. So, what are the benefits?

Alarm systems are not that important
And stemming from the belief that fake cameras and signs are a good option is the notion that alarm systems are not that important. Contrary to such thoughts, alarms are an essential part of your overall security strategy. They are a part of the layers that a full security system carries for your home. True, an alarm cannot stop a criminal from entering your premises. But, the shrill of the alarm will cause the would-be burglar to think twice or take off for fear of being caught. It will notify you of the potential break-in, or help you to get in contact with the police department in case of a monitored system.

A Monitored Security System is Not Important
And speaking of monitored systems, we come to another lovely piece of advice homeowners often get. A DIY self-monitored security system is just as good as a monitored system. Yes, these DIY systems at the basic will notify you when something happens at your home. But, unlike a monitored system, you cannot provide 24/7 monitoring. And those DIY systems will not work to get the police, paramedics, or fire department to your home based on the situation. A monitored alarm system tied directly to your security company could be the difference between total fire loss or a completely burgled home.

Security is not that important in a good neighborhood
How many times have you heard, “I didn’t think this would happen to me. This is such a nice neighborhood”. When you live in certain neighborhoods, one tends to feel a bit safer, have a false sense of security. But we all know that crime does not target only certain types of neighborhoods. In fact, residents of ‘good’ neighborhoods need to be even more vigilant because they are seen as having more resources which attract burglars.

Bad Security Advice has Consequences
At ATP, we see every day how not following advice such as those above have positively impacted our customers. In fact, some of our customers were affected by those bad advice. They became another statistic, and sought us out because of the problems they faced trying to live life without even basic security measures from a reputable company such as ATP.

What’s the worst security advice you’ve ever been given? Tell us in the comments below.

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