3 Tips to Prevent Workplace Theft

3 Tips to Prevent Workplace Theft

Call (844) 287-2576 to Learn the 3 Tips to Prevent Workplace Theft. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security System & Access Control Solutions.As a business owner, one of the most frequent issues you’ll face is workplace theft. It’s unfortunate, but it happens at both public and private companies and organizations.

To prevent workplace theft, here are a few simple things you can implement this week. But first, a quick look at some of the types of theft your business may be susceptible to.

What sorts of theft should you look out for?

  • There’s outright theft of items – larceny
  • There’s the embezzlement of stock, inventory, supplies, etc.
  • Stealing of trade secrets which result in lost opportunities for your business or organization

There are many other types of workplace theft. So, you’ll need both physical and electronic security systems and measures to limit this problem.

What to do to prevent workplace theft

Here are the tips you can look at to protect your property from theft. You can also check out our post on auditing your business security to undertake a full review of the overall quality of your security systems.

  • Become Vigilant: Ensure you pay close attention to your employees and your property. Get to know them, and don’t assume anything. Key an eye on everything. You can use a surveillance system to help with this.
  • Track your inventory: Put systems in place to manage and monitor your inventory. This can include surveillance cameras to have a virtual eye on areas of concern or vulnerability. It also includes access controls to limit unauthorized access to inventory areas.
  • Manage access points: Limit who has access to certain areas to facilitate greater control.
    Use Security Systems: A well-designed security system can ensure you limit workplace theft. So, get in an expert and start planning how to mitigate these risks before they become a problem.

Contact ATP Alarms to Limit Workplace Theft

If you have ever been a victim of workplace theft, you know how vulnerable you can feel afterwards. So, let’s discuss how it happened and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. Contact us to schedule a security audit of your company and to get a complete security package recommendation tailored to your business.

Never had this issue? We’re happy that you didn’t and encourage you to put in place the necessary measures to ensure it never does.

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