Is Your Business Security Up to Par?

5 Steps to Auditing Your Building Security

Call 844-287-2576 for 5 Steps to Auditing Your Building. Is your Business Security Up to Par? ATP Alarms can help you audit your building's security.Apart from protecting you from the elements, your building should be designed to prevent crime. A well-designed building and security system should help you to deter and limit criminal activities. And regular audits of your business security ensure that you have the most up-to-date methods to protect your best assets.

Your High-Profile Audit Areas

Certain areas of your building need to be checked regularly to ensure that they comply with your business security policy. We recommend routine inspections with the intention of checking what is working, what has lived its useful life, and what needs improvement.

1. Assess the threats
Based on your business type, your major threats will be different. Assess the kinds of risks that target your particular business and see if you have mitigation policies in place for these specific threats.

2. Check Visibility
Check that there isn’t anything impeding the visibility of your building. This means that your parking lots are properly lit. And check that your storefront windows are not covered from wall-to-wall with posters and advertising material. The easier it is for persons to see and be seen, the less likely that your business will be targeted by criminals.

3. Review your Access Points
Evaluating your access points is another crucial part of auditing your building security. Are your access pads the most effective? Have you changed passwords since an employee left?

4. Evaluate Your Emergency Plans
What emergency plans do you have in place and are your employees aware of them? Are your fire extinguishers certified and ready in case of an emergency? Are your exits marked, and your assembly point(s) noted?

5. Examine the Physical Structure
Check out the physical structure of the building to see if you have any weak areas that may need improvement now or overtime. As your building ages, you need to put in more work so that it serves the purpose of protecting you from the elements and limiting criminal threats.

Want expert help with your security audit process?

Conducting a building security audit can seem overwhelming the first time you do it. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you need expert help in running your building security audit, contact ATP Alarms.

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