4 Common Areas of Security Vulnerability in Commercial Buildings

4 Common Areas of Security Vulnerability in Commercial Buildings You Need to be Aware Of

Criminals will quickly exploit any security vulnerabilities in your commercial building. So, you can’t be too careful when designing a commercial security system. We’ve compiled a quick list of the 4 most common vulnerability areas in a commercial building’s physical security system.

Call (844) 287-2576 to Learn More About the 4 Common Areas of Security Vulnerability in Commercial Buildings You Need to be Aware Of in 2019.Once you have these areas covered, you are in a better position to secure your company’s assets. So, here are 4 of the most common vulnerable areas to pay attention to in your business.

1. The Alarm System

Unless your alarm system has an emergency-response function, then the loud siren is not enough to protect your building and contents. You need an alarm system that simultaneously makes the loud siren and can contact the authorities either directly or through your alarm company’s central monitoring station.

2. Surveillance System

The old days of blurry CCTV footage are gone. It’s time for advanced systems that can capture high-definition video. And not only that, your system should be able to broadcast to your mobile phone or to that of your security manager.

3. Building Access

Entryways can be exploited if left unattended. If you don’t want to employ the services of a security guard to monitor an entrance and exit, then use a card access system for your employees. This also gives you the added security of being able to limit access to high-security areas to only authorized individuals.

4. Doors & Windows

As part of building access, your doors and windows are part of the easiest areas to exploit. So, in addition to putting in high-impact resistant doors and windows, make sure to include additional security features such as window-break sensors and door alarms.

Securing your property the ATP way

When you’ve taken the necessary steps to secure your property, this limits the areas for dispute if an incident occurs. Otherwise, you may be left to foot the bill because you never took all the necessary precautions.

Let’s work together in creating a comprehensive security plan for your building. Contact ATP Alarms, your local building security specialist, we’ll help you put together a comprehensive security plan.

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