4 Steps to Planning Your Commercial Building Security Systems

4 Steps to Planning Your Commercial Building Security Systems

The essential part of commercial building security systems is planning to mitigate risks. Planning for a commercial building security system can seem daunting. However, if you follow this 4-step guide, you’ll be in a better position to identify what you need.

4 Areas of Business Security Systems Assessment

Call 844-287-2576 for the 4 Steps to Planning Your Commercial Building Security Systems. ATP Alarms specializes in Commercial Business Security & Automation1. Assess your operations and management
This process can help you determine the type of security system to invest in. For example, based on your operations, do you need a security system with 24-hour central monitoring, or is your in-house surveillance and security guards adequate?

2. Investigate your building weaknesses
The exterior of your building and the building envelope are prime areas for vulnerability. If they can be easily breached, then you need to put safeguards in place.

So, check your perimeter fencing and external video surveillance systems. They offer better security measures for limiting and controlling entry to your property. Also consider smart solutions like windows with glass-break detectors so you can know as soon as someone attempts to or does manage to gain entry.

3. Look at what are your neighbors are doing
Do your neighbors use unobtrusive security measures? If yes, then relying solely on bars and security gates may make your building stand out. If they do have them, then these measures can complement your other security features.

4. Identify areas for automation
Installing smart security features can enhance your building security and reduce costs. Examine the areas in your commercial property where you can automate. This could be lighting, HVAC systems, business alarm monitoring.

Safeguard Your Investment

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of commercial building security system available. You need to determine your building’s specific needs and design a system to accommodate those needs.

If you’d like some help in assessing those needs and figuring out what systems would be best based on your situation, then contact ATP Alarms. Our security experts can help you design a complete security solution for your commercial property.

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