4 Steps for Proper Placement of Business Security Cameras

4 Steps for Proper Placement of Business Security Cameras

Call (844) 287-2576 for the 4 Steps for Proper Placement of Business Security Cameras. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security Camera Systems.Poor camera placement is one of the main reasons why most businesses aren’t seeing their return on investment. Just because you installed a camera doesn’t mean that it was done to capture the images you would need. Plus, not all IT departments are equipped with the necessary skill set for appropriate camera installation.

So, to get it right, here are a few things you need to do to ensure proper business camera placement.

Step 1. Identify your business risks and needs
Surveillance installation starts with identifying the possible risks in your business and the need. A retail outfit will have different needs compared to a restaurant and a government building. Both retail and restaurant will want eyes on the cash register. And all three will need eyes on the entrance and exit.

But the retail store needs to contend with shoplifters and appropriate camera placement to combat that. A government building may need eyes on visitor areas and secure areas. So, before you start installing, look at the unique aspects of your business and how a camera can support you.

Step 2. Select the appropriate camera types
Not all out of the box cameras are suitable for your business. Check the video resolution quality and the range they offer. Grainy images cannot help if you need to review the footage for evidence. Determine if the cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor placement.

Step 3. Work Out Camera Placement
Nothing’s worse than installing a camera that only captures dead space. So, you need to work out the best height and location for the cameras based on your risks and the camera type you bought. This also includes ensuring there is appropriate lighting where necessary.

You also need to consider privacy laws for camera placement when installing. So, you know to avoid dressing rooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, etc. Basically, avoid all areas that carry a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Step 4. Ensure Proper Set-up
Make sure your camera equipment is set up appropriately with the requisite security features. If you want a monitored system, then it’s best that you get professional business surveillance installation. This also ensures you have remote access and proper visual coverage.

Installing a Business Security Camera is Technical

No two businesses are the same. So, what works for one setup won’t necessarily work for yours. If you’d like assistance in setting up your business camera surveillance system to protect your business, contact ATP Alarms. You can avoid costly mistakes and errors with a well-designed and professionally installed camera system.

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