6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Security System

Under Surveillance: Why Businesses Need a Security System

As a small business owner, you may believe that you do not need to invest in a security system. You might even have bought into the notion that installing dummy cameras would deter crime and be of benefit to your business. But we have been in the security business for a long time and we can tell you, no matter how small your business, one of the best investments you can make is in a security system.

These 6 Reasons why small businesses need a security system are important. Have questions about business security systems? ATP Alarms can help!Businesses suffer from burglary, employee theft, and low productivity. A security system helps to forestall, prevent or limit these actions. Under surveillance means more than just cameras. It means access control monitoring, alarms and other security features, some of which we highlight below.

Camera surveillance systems:
These are proven to act a deterrent to crime, especially when installed properly. They can also protect you against legal action from unsubstantiated liability suits that customers may bring against you and your business. They are also proven to work as management tools in pushing employees to perform since they are being monitored.

Access Control:
Electronic access control systems/remote monitoring allows you to identify and monitor access within your premises, authorized and unauthorized. This system gives you the option for levels of access throughout your business whether for staff or visitors. Access control systems provide you with another management tool with its ability to generate records of access.

Intrusion alarm:
Access control and intrusion detection systems, though similar in many ways, are so significantly different that you would need to invest in both. While access control is geared towards mostly internal matters, intrusion alarms allow you to detect any unauthorized access to your premises whether through windows or doors. You can also connect your intrusion alarm system with your security camera for an added layer of monitoring.

Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
Smoke detection and fire alarms work in tandem with each other. As part of your overall security efforts, protection of property and people is important. Smoke detection and fire alarms work in tandem with each other. Fire alarms can be connected to a monitoring company so that if you are unavailable, someone will be notified to check. Carbon monoxide is odorless and if left undetected can result in death. Carbon monoxide detectors, therefore, warrant inclusion in your overall security system.

Managed security:
Installation and maintenance of your security system should be done by a reliable company that can be counted on to deliver quality service. It is also a bonus if that company can offer 24/7 monitored security of your premises. The knowledge of active oversight of your business when you are not able to do so you means peace of mind for you knowing that your investment is being taken care of.

Cost Savings:
Outfitting your business with an integrated security system may seem expensive in the initial phase. However, the savings make the capital outlay a wise investment. From lower insurance premiums to building and content protection, and reduction/prevention of theft, there are so many ways to benefit financially from a security system.

Choose a Company with an Integrated Approach
Now that you understand the importance of a security system, you need a company that can evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution for you. Contact American Total Protection. We can help you install a small business security system that caters to your unique needs. With ATP Alarms, you will get a cohesive solution that works together for the protection of your business.

Remember, this is real life. You need a real security company. ATP Alarms is American Total Protection.

Remember, this is real life. You need a real security company. ATP Alarms is American Total Protection.