6 Types of Business Security Systems

The 6 Different Types of Business Security
Systems You Need to Invest In

Losing your business or valuables should never be your fault. And it should never be because of a preventable incident. This is why business security systems are important as they put the power in your hands to protect your business. Here we share with you 6 types of security systems you need for your business.

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With the ability to monitor your business inside and out, you are able to better manage not just from a security standpoint, but also operational. With CCTV, you can keep track of your customers and staff, and monitor your premises. Cameras also act as a deterrent to would-be criminals or are able to capture sufficient footage to capture or prosecute criminals. In addition, a professionally installed video surveillance system which records all activities can protect you in the long run with video evidence should you face a liability suit.

Fire Alarm Systems
Systems that detect smoke and alert occupants of a potential problem are necessary for any business. Automated fire suppression systems and alarms prevent the problem of total loss of business in the event of a fire. Ensure that your fire system is installed by a competent company who will ensure that your business meets all the necessary state and federal fire code standards.

Security Alarm Systems
These deter and protect businesses against theft and general intruders. With glass break detectors, motion sensors and doors and window sensors it is easy to monitor and prevent break-ins. Externally monitored alarms systems by an efficient and effective company carry the added benefit of 24/7 coverage.

Access Control Systems
Enter the 21st century generation of access controls which puts you in charge and in control. Regulation of access to and from your business ensures the safety and security of staff and the premises.

Wireless Sensors
Protect employees, customers and clients with sensors that are available in both hardwired or wireless configurations now for protection against various gases including carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. Remember, you are protecting the welfare of those who your business needs the most.

Remote Monitoring
You should have the ability to remotely monitor your business. Security systems connected with intelligent alarm keypads allow you to get instant notifications of any issues at your business. This is convenience at its finest and efficiency at its best. You can also benefit from the services of a 24/7 monitoring station which keeps watch when you can’t.

When considering a commercial business security system, you must take into account:

  • The Level of automation involved in the system.
  • The level of professional installation and guarantees offered.
  • The level of monitoring, whether through a station or yourself.

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