Business Security in an Emergency – What to Do

Business Security in an Emergency – What to Do

Call (844) 287-2576 to Learn about Business Security in an Emergency and What to Do. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security System Solutions & Safety.With the national emergency of the coronavirus pandemic, we found that a lot of businesses were scrambling to put in place adequate security measures to handle extended closures.
So, we thought to revisit some of the recommendations that we have consistently made. It’s important to use security measures to protect your business, no matter how small you think your business may be.

Minimizing business security risks in an emergency

While we know the current circumstances in unprecedented, we still need to protect our livelihoods. So, proper workplace security measures and planning is a necessity.
If you’re caught flatfooted as some businesses were in 2020 Q1, you can still catch up and make improvements. Implementing these security measures would be a welcomed start.

Building security features:
Steel doors, especially in areas that aren’t easily visible, is a recommended measure to protect your property.

Electronic access control systems help you to limit access to specific areas. You can also check who enters your premises outside of authorized hours based on their unique codes.
Security alarm systems are a critical element of protecting your business. This should include motion sensors, security lights, glass break detectors, door and window alarms. These should be hooked up to a central monitoring station, so you have additional support.

Security cameras with recording systems are another requirement for a secure business. With video surveillance systems, you have to make sure that the cameras are installed in appropriate locations. Plus, the quality of the cameras should allow you to make out details to help with any investigation if that becomes a necessity.

Let’s secure your business for emergency situations

We want to help business owners like you protect their establishments.

If you’re craving the peace of mind that comes with having a secure business for long-term closures, let’s talk. At ATP Alarms, we specialize in helping small and large business owners protect their property with comprehensive business security measures.

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