Designing a Safety and Security System for Facilities for Seniors

Designing a Safety and Security System for Facilities for Seniors

Call 844-287-2576 for more information about Designing a Safety & Security System for Facilities for Seniors. ATP Alarms specializes in Security Solutions.When families search for senior assisted or independent living facilities, or retirement communities, they often look for how safe and practical the facility will be for their loved ones. So, designing and equipping a senior care space means providing the most comfortable and easy to use space.

Making Senior Homes Safe and Comfortable

Here are three of the essential security and safety systems you must have in place when considering security and safety design that can protect these spaces you have available to seniors.

Sensors make it easy for seniors to go on about their business. Light sensors, for example, are one of the easiest to implement and has a far-reaching impact for everyone, but especially the guests in your facilities.
For example, light sensors in their rooms mean they can get up to use the bathroom without worrying about finding the light switch or walking into a piece of furniture.

Automation can come in a variety of forms to help your residents live a full life.

For example, is something we take for granted – pulling the blinds. When you’re older, this is not something that comes easily especially with arthritic bones. Therefore, with the right automation system, you can set the blinds in their room or common rooms to open and close at specific times.

Not only will this be more convenient for them, but you will also save money on energy costs in the process. When automation is done right, it can reduce energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.

Monitored Security
Having your facility connected to a central security monitoring system provide seniors and their children with peace of mind. Knowing that if anything goes wrong, there is always someone else helping to monitor the facility should make it easy on everyone’s mind.

Let’s Make Your Senior Home Appealing

Designing an assisted living facility must take into account the people who will benefit the most … the seniors. So, let’s work together to either retrofit your facility or during the construction phase. Contact ATP Alarms and let’s work together in designing a space that’s safe, comfortable, secure, and offers the most convenience to your clients.

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