How Safe is Your Business for Visitors and Staff?

Workplace Safety in 2019

How Safe is Your Business for Visitors and Staff?

Call (844) 287-2576 to Learn How Safe is Your Business for Visitors and Staff. ATP Alarms Specializes in Business Security System & Safety Solutions.It’s a new year and time to assess your security and safety systems. You need to ensure that both your employees and customers are protected. Not only are you looking out for the best interests of the people in your building, but you are also protecting yourself from a variety of liability issues that are easily avoidable.

Workplace security is a process of protecting your employees and visitors from injury, preventing intruders, securing your facility assets, and more. It doesn’t matter whether you manage a public facility or a private business. You need to have systems and solutions in place to protect life and property.

So, how prepared are you for another year of security and safety at your workplace?

How secure is your business? A Workplace Safety and Security Checklist

Here are several areas you should assess when evaluating your workplace safety and security systems.

  • What security systems do you have installed?
  • Do you have all essential systems in place?
  • Have you run a successful security system test?
  • How up-to-date are your business fire alarms?
  • Have you serviced your fire extinguishers as required?
  • Does your system prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas?
  • How effective is your access control system at monitoring entry and exit?
  • Is your workplace surveillance system effective based on location and quality of equipment?
  • Can you remotely access and manage your security and safety systems?

Make Your Workplace Secure in 2019

These are just but a few of the areas that you should look at. The future of workplace security and safety is smart systems, and you need to ensure your workplace is ready for 2019.

To make sure that you are equipped to keep your customers and staff as secure as possible, schedule a safety and security inspection with ATP Alarms. Our security professionals are experts in developing solutions or upgrading systems for a variety of businesses. We are your local security company invested in making your workplace as safe and secure as possible.

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