How to Deter Shoplifting in Your Retail Business

Can a security system deter shoplifting in your retail business?

More often than not, shoplifting is one of the main issues you have to contend with as a retail business owner. Finding the best answers to reduce this problem isn’t often easy. But you can curtail shoplifting with a commercial security system.

What is a commercial security system?

Can a commercial security system deter shoplifting in your retail business? Call (844) 287-2576 to find out! We specialize in commercial security systems.A commercial security system is a professionally installed system that offers continuous management and monitoring. It incorporates several elements from video surveillance, intrusion detection, to access control, and 24-hour monitoring.

With the various components of a commercial security system, you can deter shoplifters, but only if it’s done properly.

Why your security system may not work

If you have a security system in place, here are the probable reasons why it’s not working to reduce theft in your store.

1. The camera is hidden.
If the camera is hidden, then the potential thief won’t know that eyes are on him/her. They will feel better at going ahead to do the deed and you may not catch it in time to stop them before they leave the store.

2. The place is too dark.
You need a properly lit space that can make picking up images on your CCTV camera easier. Plus, with a place that is brightly lit, would-be shoplifters will think twice, especially if the camera is directly on them.

3. Your security system is not ideal.
We started off by saying to use a commercial grade security system. That’s because these systems are often more robust and better set up for your activities. If you install a DIY security system, you may not install the cameras in the right places, or your motion sensors may not be calibrated properly.

4. You aren’t using your signs
Did you know that even putting up security signs that a specific security company is monitoring your business can help you reduce shoplifting? When you sign up for a central monitoring service, you will get these stickers, yard posts and other material that make shoplifters think twice before acting.

What to do about security for your retail business?

There are a lot of things to think about when designing a security system for retail and you need to understand them all for the system to be effective. If you want to know more about using retail store security systems and retail security cameras to your benefit, schedule a consultation with ATP Alarms.

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