When Last Have You Looked at Disaster Planning in your Business?

When Last Have You Looked at Disaster Planning in your Business?

Call (844) 287-2576 - When Last Have You Looked at Disaster Planning in your Business? ATP Alarms' Team can help you Prepare Your Emergency Disaster Plan.As the New Year is on us, it’s time to take stock of disaster planning in your business. What is your preparedness level for an emergency? How will you limit a disaster if a natural or manmade hazard gets out of hand?

So, it’s a good time to assess your risks and the potential impact on your business. This allows you to determine more effective measures to combat issues before and as they occur.

Know Your Risks and Prepare for Them

The risks that can impact you negatively are based on several factors. These include the property, location, type of business, etc. You should also look at internal or external risks. Plus, you need to determine which aspects of your business to focus on. What protective measures do you need and how can they prevent or limit any damage.

For example, the planning and preparation requirements for a restaurant versus a government building will vary for a fire. Different types of fire suppression systems will be required based on the nature of your business.

Another example is emergency exits. Are your emergency exits clearly lit? Are stairways and corridors adequately lit so you can evacuate in the event of an emergency?

Know your risks and how to protect yourself, employees, and property.

Focus on Prevention

According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, 25% of businesses don’t open again after a major disaster.

So, plan appropriately for business continuity.

Prioritize the risks. Put strategies in place to try and limit, if not prevent, an incident from becoming disastrous. Then conduct routine and regular safety audits.

For example, schedule inspections of your fire prevention and safety systems. These will ensure that your system works as it should in the event of a problem.Test all the other security aspects of your business as well.

You can use the US Small Business Association’s Disaster Checklist to help you plan. And contact ATP Alarms for security and safety checks.

Security & Safety for Property & People

Smart planning can allow your business to continue running even when disaster strikes. So, contact ATP alarms and let’s discuss your emergency preparedness and a disaster plan for the security of your property and the safety of your employees.

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