Planning a Black Friday Sale? 3 Must-Have Business Security Tips

Planning a Black Friday Sale? 3 Must-Have Business Security Tips

Call (844) 287-2576 if You Are Planning a Black Friday Sale and Want the 3 Must-Have Business Security Tips to Help You with the Holiday Shopping Madness!November is almost complete but not without 2 of the top sales days of the year. You’ve started and maybe even finished your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales planning.
Your store will be fully stocked with the items your customers will be scrambling for.

But are you really ready for the consumer rush? Have you paid attention to your security needs?

If not, now is the time to get to it.

Here are 3 must-have business security tips for this Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Days.

1. Limit Access

Put in place access control measures. Electronic access controls can help you keep track of who has access where. Plus, you could place temporary access limitations or expansions based on the day’s needs.

Need to give someone access to keep the store stocked? Get an electronic access system. Want to keep track of who’s entering your supplies areas? You get the drift.

2. Keep an eye on things

I’m sure you have cameras throughout your store. (If you don’t, we need to have a quick talk). But, if you’ve missed items and can’t account for them, then you need to have another look at how your cameras are positioned.

It’s not only the doors and the cashiers you need to keep an eye on. So, ensure your camera angles limit blind spots. And that the quality is good for facial recognition.

3. Improve your alarms … and monitoring

Want to know what can ruin your sales days – no stocks at all. So, how good are your alarms to prevent this scenario?

When you’ve stocked out your store, it may be tempting for criminals. So, to eliminate the potential risks of burglary, install a high-quality alarm system. Then, opt for the monitored security solution. You’ll have a dedicated security company keeping an eye on things when you’re not there.

So, to recap, the must-haves for the holiday shopping frenzies are:

  • Access Controls
  • Surveillance Cameras (appropriately installed)
  • 24-Hour Monitoring

Contact ATP Alarms and we can give you the full package to ensure you’ve got the right system for your business. And then … happy selling.

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