Security for Large Business Establishments

Security for Large Business Establishments
What You’re Doing Wrong

Call (844) 287-2576 about Security for Large Business Establishments & What You’re Doing Wrong. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security System SolutionsIn a commercial environment, one of the areas that cannot be overlooked is security. Business security for large establishments is essential for protecting the occupants of the building and the property.

Failure to implement proper security measures can have disastrous consequences for your business.

Here are a few of the areas we’ve noticed where large businesses seem to struggle with their security.

Using systems designed for smaller businesses
All security systems are not made equal. So, if your business has grown significantly, the same security system you use to have will not work for your new reality. You need to audit and adjust accordingly and in line with your current and future expectations.

Not working with a professional security firm
Yes, you may have an internal security head. But not engaging a security firm means you’re putting your business at risk. When you engage a professional security company, you’re accessing the expertise of a full team without additional overhead costs. You also enhance the effectiveness of your internal security personnel.

Failing to enforce access requirements
You implement access controls to prevent a variety of negative consequences, not just theft. Failure to enforce access requirements – and even implement them – leaves your business open to a variety of threats.

Unsecured entry points
From emergency exits to small doors, and ‘forgotten’ access points, there are many areas in a building that goes unprotected. Surveillance cameras, access control systems, relevant access barriers all help to increase the security of your access points.

The Consequences of Poor Security in Your Company

The consequences of inadequate security are much higher for large establishments. There is:

  • Vandalism: No or poor security systems makes it easier for acts of property vandalism.
  • Theft: No CCTV cameras or access control systems increases the chance of employee and visitor-related thefts. This could be of physical items or intellectual property.
  • Legal Liability: Have a poorly lit stairway? That could lead to a lawsuit if a customer or staff member falls because the area was too poorly lit.

Limit the consequences of poor security measures in your large establishment. Contact ATP Alarms today for a free security quote to improve your business security.

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