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Apartment Security – Security Systems for Property Managers

Call (844) 287-2576 for Security Systems for Property Managers. Do you manage a rental property? ATP specializes in Apartment & Property Security Services.Some Property Managers tend to focus on keeping the property occupied and managing collection of rental income and tenants. But, a quality Property Manager will also help his or her property owner to understand the apartment security risks they face. And help to identify security systems that protect the investment.

So, one of the top duties of a quality Property Manager is keeping tenants and their guests safe. And to do so, it is wise to invest in a reliable security system.

Security Solutions for Property Managers to Consider
Property Managers are responsible for building safety and security. And this is not just about making sure that the physical building doesn’t have any weak spots or potential problem areas. It is about securing the property and protecting the owner’s investment. This they can help to do with the right security systems.

In working to protect your property owner and tenants, you should ensure that a quality security system is in place. And w have outlined some of the areas you should look at to keep your property protected.

Surveillance Cameras
Having security cameras plus signage helps to deter criminal activity. It makes it easier to monitor shared spaces, entrances and exits, the exterior of the building, and parking lots of your apartment complex or multi-family units. This helps you to not only reduce the threat of criminal activity but also limit tenant misconduct.

Paired with real-time alerts, a surveillance system can become your best friend in protecting property and tenants. It can also work to reduce liability and protect you and your property owner for unwarranted lawsuits where you can use surveillance footage to show that you weren’t at fault.

Access Control Systems
An access control system makes your job easier as a Property Manager. You limit who can access your Apartment complex, and put safety and security in the hands of your Tenants.

Intrusion Detection Systems
With an intrusion detection system, you can monitor and prevent unauthorized access to specific areas of your apartment complex. This can include door/window sensors, glassbreak detection, motion detectors, and incorporating panic buttons. With this system, you make your security solutions work for you. And you limit the amount of work you have to do to protect your property and tenants.

Central Monitoring
Central monitoring allows you to improve response times with 24/7 monitoring of your rental property. This is especially important in those after hour periods when there are more likely to be attempted security breaches.

Benefits of Integrating Proper Apartment Security Solutions

  • It helps to increase demand for your apartments as Renters want to know that their rental property is as safe as possible.
  • It provides a more secure environment for your tenants
  • A good security system helps to limit vandalism and maintain secure access to the building

Contact ATP for Your Apartment Security Solutions
ATP Alarms installs and maintains surveillance and access control systems that improve building security and will make your job easier. We can help you automate your security operation and provide you with total control of the security of your rental properties.

Call us today to schedule a security risk assessment, and a review your apartment security needs to get started on making your rental property safe.

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