Is It Time to Revamp Your Business Security System?

Is It Time to Revamp Your Business Security System?

Call (844) 287-2576 if it is Time to Revamp Your Business Security System. ATP Alarms specializes in Business Security Systems, Access Control & Automation.When last have you done a detailed business security audit? Do you know how up to date your security measures are? Have they evolved as your business grew to support where you are now?

Your business security systems support your company to help you grow. Therefore, a part of the success of your business depends on the quality of your security system – how you secure your employees, your assets, and your systems. Your system should scale as your business does so you aren’t left vulnerable.

The benefits of a comprehensive security strategy

While you focus on your virtual presence, remember that you also need to secure your brick-and-mortar premises as well. Increased physical security contributes to better brand perception from your customers. They perceive your company as a safe space to do business, which puts you at an advantage to those who don’t employ enhanced physical security measures.

It can also improve job performance and satisfaction in your employees. And when your employees are happy, they deliver better services to your customers.

Systems to audit to determine if you need to enhance your security measures

In this post on auditing your building security, we give you five steps to undertaking an audit. In addition to those 5 steps, here are some areas to focus on when assessing your business security for suitability to where you are now.

  • Internal security measures. Did you make any structural changes, and if so, did you adjust your security measures to account for them?
  • Age of the System. When did you first install your system? The older the system, the less likely it will be to stand up to threats, especially if you haven’t been doing routine audits and upgrades.
  • Staff turnover. Do you have a high staff turnover rate? How have you adjusted your security to ensure those who have left cannot return?
  • Security checks of vendors. Some security vendors have the run of your establishment. Do you have systems in place to vet them as well as to limit access to only those areas that are necessary?

The right business security systems allow you to protect the physical and virtual doors to your business. Let ATP Alarms help you put a lock on both. Contact us for a comprehensive business audit.

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