Venue Security Tips | Keeping Your Event Venue Secure

Venue Security Tips
Keeping Your Event Venue Secure

Call (844) 287-2576 for Exclusive Venue Security Tips. Keep Your Event Venue Secure with a specialized Security & Fire Safety System from ATP Alarms today!Event planning today requires more than just finding a physical space to host events. Attendees and organizers are also looking at the safety and security level of the venues they use.

If you own or manage event venues, then these quick tips should help you get started on increasing security and therefore marketability of your venue.

Essential Areas of Venue Security

Fire Suppression Systems:
Does your venue have a fire sprinkler system installed? This will not only protect your venue users but also help to limit fire damage in case of a fire emergency. When getting this done, please work with a security expert that specializes in the design, installation, inspection and servicing of fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Extinguishers:
When last have you had your extinguishers serviced and are you maintaining them as often as required? If not, then you should get a maintenance contract with a certified security firm to keep your extinguishers serviced and ready to use.

Smoke detectors:
Are their sufficient smoke detectors throughout the venue and are they installed in the appropriate areas? Again, this is a basic requirement that can often be overlooked or not installed correctly.

Carbon monoxide detectors:
Are your detectors in the right locations and are they inspected and serviced at regular intervals? It’s always best to err on the side of caution and have them checked and maintained as often as possible.

Emergency Lighting:
Emergency lighting is essential in a venue. This allows guests to be able to move around if there is a power outage. They can also deter criminal activity on the premises. You can invest in dusk-to-dawn systems or automated lighting depending on your venue needs.

Access Controls:
Give your event planners and organizers better access controls in your venue. With automated systems, you can easily offer different control measures including card access to help event organizers manage their crowd flow and attendees.

Video surveillance:
Finally, no venue is complete without a system to monitor the location. Ensure that there is video surveillance in public areas – indoors & outdoors, elevators, etc.

Time to enhance your venue security?

If you would like to improve the marketability of your venue with improved safety and security features and systems in place, then let’s talkATP Alarms specializes in venue security and safety systems for large and small spaces.

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