Buying Fire Alarm Systems For Your Business

Buying Fire Alarm Systems For Your Business

There’s a lot that goes into building a reliable fire alarm system for a business. After all, an alarm is a system that will save lives in the event of a fire. So, you need to understand all the basic components of a system so you can ensure you have put in a decent arrangement.

Key Elements of a Business Fire Detection & Alarm System

Call (844) 287-2576 about Buying Fire Alarm Systems for your Business. ATP Alarms / ATP Fire is Your Local Fire Suppression & Fire Alarm System Specialists.The basic design of a fire alarm system will take into account the design of the building and space and core functions. But, no matter the type of system, the core areas remain the same. These are the basic systems your business needs for a fire detection and alarm system:

  • Power supply: you should have a primary and secondary back-up source of power tied to your fire alarm system.
  • The fire alarm control panel: the fire alarm control panel monitors the system and controls information that passes through it. It is the central brain of the whole system. If there’s an issue with your control panel, then you need to get a qualified technician in asap to have a look at it.
  • The initiating devices: these are manual or automatic activation devices. Manual would include pull stations (like glass break in case of fire) while automatic is your smoke detectors, heat detectors, etc.
  • The notification devices: these devices alert persons in the building (and sometimes the relevant authorities) that there’s a fire in the building. These are visual and audible devices and can include sirens, flashing lights, horns, etc.

Business Fire Protection Systems from ATP Alarms

We cover it all when it comes to business fire protection. From sprinkler systems to fire extinguishers to fire and smoke alarms, you’re protected. We’ll help you determine the type of alarm that is best suited for your business.

Let’s protect life and property. Contact us today for a full fire security audit and fire alarms in Florida and Connecticut.

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