6 things to get your father this Father’s Day

6 things to get your father this Father’s Day

Ready to get dad a non-tie gift this holiday but not sure what to get? No, we are not doing cheap things to get for Father’s Day. In fact, we are looking at gifts that say I love you dad and can keep on giving.

Here are 6 gifts that we think would make great presents for your dad.

Call (844) 287-2576 for 6 Things to Get Your Father this Father's Day. ATP Alarms specializes in Smart Holiday Gifts for the Dads this Father's Day.1. Do something together that he loves to do
Spending time with your dad can be one of the greatest gifts you can give, especially if you don’t live close by. So, spend the day with your dad doing something he loves.

2. Give your dad a present he will actually use
If you know your father isn’t that into tech-type gadgets, don’t get him a high-tech watch with all the features. He’s more likely to enjoy automatic blinds or a smart thermostat that he can program once and forget about it.

3. Keep your peace of mind with this gift
As your dad gets older and lives on his own, you will naturally worry more about his safety. A monitored security system would be a great gift idea in this regard. Not only are you enhancing his home security, but you are also improving your peace of mind knowing that he’s protected.

4. For the dad who hates answering the door
We’ve got just the thing for your dad if he hates getting up to answer the door. The Skybell Video Doorbell allows your dad to see who is at his front door from anywhere with his smartphone. Plus, he can even answer without getting up to go to the door.

5. Let’s Automate his home
Locks, lights, thermostats, shades – all these and more can be automated in his home with the right security company.

6. Help him reduce his energy costs
Home automation is an easy to way to help your dad reduce his energy costs. With automated LED lights, motion sensors, smart thermostats, and automated blinds, he can control his home energy use much more efficiently.

Found a gift for dad for Father’s Day?
Do you see a security or home automation gift that you would like to give your dad this year? Then contact ATP Alarms and let us help you set it up for him.

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