Geese Used As Home Security?

Should You Use a Goose for Your Home’s Security?

Should You Use a Goose for Your Home’s Security? If you lived a very long time ago, possibly YES! Believe it or not, geese can make excellent "watchdogs".In a search for ideas and options on layers of home security, I came upon some interesting facts and methods people have used for their own security over the ages. From palaces to prisons there seemed to be no limit as to the human imagination. Picture an island, where the waters are cold and full of sharks, this could make for a difficult place to infiltrate. Then there is the top of the mountain scenario, or the side of a cliff isolated…add in walls and or a moat and now you have a fortress. Of course these are extreme scenarios to most people.

Believe it or not, geese can make excellent “watchdogs” or guards. The fact is the use of geese to guard places has been in effect since ancient times. Businesses such as whiskey warehouses in Scotland still use geese and even with today’s technology, military facilities in Europe use geese as another layer of security. The Chinese government recently replaced their guard dogs with gaggles of geese in some areas, and a prison in Sao Paulo Brazil claims it is protected by geese! Geese can be loud and are quick to respond when they hear the slightest questionable noise. Geese naturally understand, without any training, that any people and animals living on the property are part of their flock. They tend to have no fear of challenging a human or animal that intrudes onto “their” property or that threatens “their” people or animal friends.

For centuries, scientists have noticed that before disasters like earth quakes, tsunamis and hurricanes…birds, animals and even elephants have some sort of early warning system built in, and head for higher ground and safer areas. Little dogs, called Shih Tzu or Lion Dogs originally bred in Imperial China and Tibet, during the Ming Dynasty were used by emperors as alert dogs because of their unique sensitivity to noises and people which didn’t belong. Besides dogs, and geese, there are other unusual animals like donkeys and llamas too. I have personally seen a territorial donkey stand its ground while I was on a vacation on Abaco, The Bahamas, a pretty funny site unless you are nipped by one like I was, and naturally my friends thought this incident was hysterical.

A flock of geese may be an unusual method of home security, and they can be effective without any special training, but be careful where you walk. Until you decide to get your own flock or gaggle, ATP Alarms will be here to fulfill your more conventional home security needs. ATP specializes in monitored burglar alarm systems, smoke alarms, home automation, security cameras, fire alarms, fire suppression and more.