Mobile Apps: Improved Technology for A Safer You

What Do You Want From Your Security Provider’s Mobile App?

The rapid advances in technology now puts safety and security at your fingertips. With the Internet of Things (IoT), we are moving to a time where anything that can be connected, will be connected. Wireless technology, security devices, and mobile apps are therefore increasingly making security more easily accessible and manageable.

Mobile apps are the latest in home security technology. Whether through Android, iOS, or Windows, these apps put our family and property’s safety and security within our reach. Because of this, and to keep pace with the changing times and the improvements across the industry, all security companies have to evolve and grow.

AT ATP, we keep abreast of all the newest technology that can benefit our customers. And once we are satisfied with the advances they’ve made, then we recommend or offer them to our customers, for example, when we decided to begin offering Skybell HD Video Doorbell. We are constantly upgrading to improve our service delivery to ensure that our customers are always satisfied. The next step in our growth as a company is to offer increasing accessibility through a mobile app.

Call (844) 287-2576 for Mobile Apps: Improved Technology For A Safer You. ATP Alarms wants your help! What would you like to see in our mobile security app?Why A Mobile App?
We want to expand and improve service to our customers. A mobile app will allow you to access our services faster and for us to be constantly available to you in one of the most accessible formats currently on the market. The advances in mobile technology have made mobile applications an almost necessity to improve customer relations and to give you a better experience. That is what we intend to do with an ATP Alarm mobile app.

What do you enjoy most about mobile apps?
But, before we get down the road with developing our app, we would like your input. After all, it is being designed to meet your needs. And, not all mobile apps are created equal. Some offer more than others. We want to understand what you like about mobile apps so that ours will meet your needs and wants.

Do you enjoy accessibility across multiple devices? Do you like the feeling of exclusivity and the idea that a proprietary app was made specifically to meet your needs? Proprietary apps are generally designed to meet a system’s specific needs and tailor-made for a specific reason. Would this be a factor that affects your use of an app? So, tell us in the comments below, what do you expect from a mobile app?

What would you like to see in your security company’s mobile app?
ATP continually strives to improve our service delivery and technological options for you, our valued clients. Our next move to make your life easier is a well-developed mobile app. But, before we do, we want to hear from you. How can we improve our services to you via a mobile app? What would you want from an ATP Mobile App? Give us your thoughts and suggestions below.

What would you want from an ATP Mobile App? Give us your thoughts and suggestions below.