How Will You Celebrate Independence Day 2017?

How Will You Celebrate Independence Day 2017?

The Fourth of July is when we gather as family and friends to celebrate the independence of our great nation. It could be family barbecues, a weekend getaway, a trip to the beach or pool. No matter how you intend to celebrate this Independence Day, we ask that you plan for a safe and fun-filled weekend.

According to the National Safety Council, Independence Day ranks as one of the deadliest holidays in the country. Don’t become a statistic. If you don’t want to spend your holidays in an emergency room, then make sure to plan for a safe Fourth of July weekend. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Grill Safety
When lighting up that barbecue, be sure to check that there are no gas leaks. And keep your certified fire extinguisher handy to make sure that in the event of a fire, you can quickly bring it under control.

Call (844) 287-2576 - How Will You Celebrate Independence Day 2017? Get the Latest Holiday Safety Tips from American Total Protection.Fireworks Safety Tips
These fireworks safety tips may seem obvious. But, unfortunately, the statistics provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show that they are worth repeating. Most reported fires at this time of year are fireworks related. And these have led to loss of homes, vehicles, and even lives.

Buy Properly Labelled Fireworks
You want to be sure that you are buying only fireworks certified for consumer use. Your home will not thank you if those unlabeled fireworks were meant for commercial use and you start a fire.

Choose Your Location Wisely
Only set off fireworks in open, inflammable spaces. And monitor children and where they go with sparklers.

Be Prepared For Fire
Always have on hand sand, a bucket of water, or a water hose in case of a fire from the fireworks. Even tiny sparklers can lead to a fire.

Home Security Tips

Prevent False Alarms
Ensure that the loud noise from your parties or fireworks does not trigger false alarms with your glassbreak sensors. As one of the busiest emergency periods of the year, you don’t want to add to it with falsely triggered alarms.

Install A Smart Doorbell
Keep track of who’s coming and going at your party with a smart doorbell that allows you to see who is at the door. Keep control of access in your hands, even remotely.

Upgrade to an Integrated Home Security System
If you plan to go out to party, an integrated system can keep your home safe from burglars during this period.

Be prepared for any eventuality this holiday weekend. Take care of your family and friends and plan for a most fun-filled weekend. Let’s make it memorable for all the right reasons.

Happy Independence Day from our family at ATP to yours. Have a safe and fun Fourth of July.

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