The 4 Keys to Protecting Public Buildings

The 4 Keys to Protecting Public Buildings

Cal (844) 287-2576 to learn more about he 4 Keys to Protecting Public Buildings. ATP Alarms specializes in Government Building Security System Solutions.Threats to and in public buildings are high. It doesn’t matter if it’s a police station, fire station or city hall building. The smallest of breaches can severely tarnish your local government reputation.

Now, you can’t close off government buildings to the public. But you can implement security measures that help to protect people and information.
Here are the top 4 keys to securing a government building accessible to the public.

1. Building Security
Every building security should start with a monitored alarm system. This makes it easier for the relevant officials to be notified and dispatched in an emergency. So, make sure to invest in a quality system with regular maintenance to ensure that works when you need it.

2. Video Surveillance
Video surveillance is a must-have system to keep eyes on the building inside and outside. Security cameras deter criminal activity and act as a reliable source in the event of an incident. The recordings serve as a record that can be revisited by security personnel to assess incidents or to review building traffic with an eye for improving security measures.

3. Access Control
Access control is not just a matter for the entrance to the building. So, while security guards and scanning devices are essential, you also need additional access controls throughout the building.

Restrict high-security areas and put in place electronic access control systems such as swipe cards. This allows you to monitor employees as well as visitors and gives you time to alert officials if there is an access breach.

4. Fire Safety
Safeguard against fire and carbon monoxide with smoke and CO detectors. Ensure that the detectors are photoelectric so as to trigger alarms and notify workers and visitors to evacuate the building. You should also invest in a quality fire suppression system. This can be heat-activated sprinklers to start the fire control process before first responders arrive.

The Next Step

If you’re a government official responsible for the security and safety of a city or municipality building, let’s talk. ATP Alarms has a strong track record of securing public buildings, and we can help you secure yours. Contact us today.

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