Government Building Security

The Importance of Government Building Security

Call (844) 287-2576 for Government Building Security Systems. ATP Alarms currently helps protect fire stations, hospitals, schools, colleges and much more!The importance of government building security is foremost the protection of life and property. Because of the higher probability of an attack on government buildings, safety and security systems are a necessity. Government buildings are also not immune to other crimes such as theft and vandalism. The buildings are likewise susceptible to hazards for instance fire, carbon monoxide poisoning.

Government Building Security – A Necessity
Ranging from offices, courthouses to city halls and educational institutions, all government buildings require layers of security solutions to help minimize the risks faced to life and property. Starting from the entry point, all these security issues puts not just employees, but the public who use these facilities at risk.

Security solutions for government entities are, therefore, necessary to:

  • Protect valuable public and private information
  • Secure property
  • Protect employees, clients, and visitors

Ways to Protect Government Buildings

  • Customized, High-Security Access Control
    One of the first suggestions by the USDA for improving building security is to install key-card access systems at main entrances. This is because controlling access to government buildings is one of the principal ways to maintain a secure building. It makes it difficult for persons with ill-intent to gain access without authorization.
  • Improved, High Impact Fencing
    Improving the fencing of government property is one way to begin securing the premises. Make it harder for would-be criminals and terrorists to get to the building with a fence that has monitored gates, sensors and cameras. Closed circuit monitoring devices put security in your hands. And gives you more control over access supervision. They also act as a deterrent.
  • Reliable, Accurate Wireless Sensors
    Fire and flood can destroy important government documents and public records. Smoke and toxic gasses can harm employees and visitors. With wireless sensors, you reduce the damage that can be done from these risks.
  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
    A UL listed monitoring center dedicated to maintaining 24/7 monitoring of the premises ensures that nothing is left to chance.
  • Expert Audits of Security Systems
    Periodic tests and inspections of the security system by specialist technicians is also important. This ensures that the system is up to date. It prevents issues with faulty wiring, defunct monitors, or tampering.

ATP Works with Government Buildings
There are many state and local government buildings in need of protection. There needs to be a comprehensive solution to provide security solutions inside and out. It takes a unique understanding of our varied government institutions and their complex requirements to be able to offer expert security solutions to protect government buildings.

The team at ATP has years of delivering dedicated government services and project management to get government building security right. Our professional and certified technicians provide the expertise necessary to protect life and property.

At ATP, we work to minimize the threats government buildings face from various sources. We are experienced at helping government officials secure their buildings and protect public property.

Protect life. Secure property. Contact ATP Alarms and safeguard our government buildings.

Protect life. Secure property. Contact ATP Alarms and safeguard our government buildings.