Improving Access Control Systems in Government Buildings

Improving Access Control Systems in Government Buildings

Access control systems in government buildings are a delicate balance of protecting public and private documents, keeping employees safe, and controlling access from the public and staff. If it’s not done right, then there are inherent dangers to security – both from internal and external threats.

Call (844) 287-2576 to Learn About Improving Access Control Systems in Government Buildings. ATP Alarms Specializes in Government Security System Solutions.Here’s what you can do if you’re in charge of a government building and need to ensure security of contents and occupants.

Improving Access Controls

Determine Who Needs Access Where
Not everyone will need access throughout the building. Check who needs access to specific areas and tailor the controls to allow these types of access. Also, think about how the public accesses the building and how you monitor their coming and going.

Audit Who Actually Has Access
Make sure only authorized personnel have access to specific areas in the building. Check who currently has access to various sections of your building. Then verify that those individuals have access to areas that they should have. If not, then fix it as soon as possible.

Update Your Access Control System
Replace outdated access systems. These are liabilities and security breaches waiting to happen. If your access control system cannot tell you who has access to certain areas, you need to consider an upgrade.

Undertake Scheduled System Audits/Checks
Periodic testing of your access control systems will ensure it continues to work at its best. When you test, look to make sure that all devices are working as they should. Consider implementing a schedule of monthly or quarterly testing to keep your access controls and general security at a high level.

Let’s Review Your Access Controls
ATP Alarms installs access control systems for government offices and businesses. We understand the requirements for security, safety, and privacy, especially when it comes on to public and individual records.

An access control system comprises several parts. These include vehicle access gates, magnetic locks, surveillance and CCTV systems, to name a few. So, contact us to schedule an audit and design a system for your government building. We’ll make sure all these areas and more are incorporated for maximum impact.

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