Are You A New Mom?

4 Home Automation Tips for New Moms You Will Love

Call (844) 287-2576 if you are a new Mom and want to learn more about 4 Home Automation Tips that you will love! ATP Alarms specializes in Home Automation.As a new mom, it is a wonderful and exciting experience when you bring your baby home. But, it can also be overwhelming, and downright scary at times. There are many issues that can overwhelm you as a new mother, but some, you can easily remove. And that is why we are offering solutions that help to make this period smoother for both baby and you. Here are 4 automation tips for new moms that you will love.

Smart Locks For Security
It can be chaotic when you bring your baby home. With the many guest stopping by to visit it can become frustrating to constantly be opening the door. And you will have a lot of regulars – especially close friends and family members coming often. Instead of cutting duplicate keys, you can install a smart lock and assign specific pass codes to each person. This allows you the flexibility to effectively manage your guests.

Smart Doorbell for Convenience
Similar to the issues that a smart lock resolves, a smart doorbell will also allow you to get a handle on your guests from anywhere in the house with just your smartphone. With for example a Skybell doorbell system, you can see who is at the door before letting anyone in. And it allows you to speak to persons at the door from anywhere in your home using your smartphone. Now, this is convenient.

Smart Thermostat to Regulate for the Perfect Temperature
Babies cannot regulate their temperature. This is indeed a concern for mothers, especially if they intend to swaddle. Apart from choosing quality breathable materials for clothing and blankets, you can regulate the internal temperature in various rooms. Learn to keep your baby’s room at the perfect temperature automatically. By setting the room temperature sensor to mitigate uncomfortably cold or too warm temperatures, you will keep your baby more comfortable.

Smart Automation Devices
By scheduling various tools or automating their operation, you leave more time to deal with other important day-to-day matters. Opening and closing blinds, automatic light sensors, heating and cooling apparatus. The possibilities for use of automation to remove the hassle of minor things that add up are endless.

Bonus Tip – Air Quality Monitor
Installing an air quality monitor will help you to determine your internal air level quality. This is essential for allergies and to facilitate easier breathing indoors.

Relax and enjoy this early period with your new baby and your family. Let ATP Alarms help you with the technologies needed to make your life easier. We will quickly install all the home automation and security devices you would like to increase comfort and convenience for you and your baby.

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