Energy Savings With Home Automation

Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Call (844) 287-2576 for Green Energy Savings With Home Automation on St. Patrick's Day. ATP Alarms can help you save money with Home Automation today!Green and St. Patrick’s Day go hand in hand. It’s all about wearing green, eating green foods and partying up a storm where the decorations feature – you guessed it – green. But we have an even better way for you to go green. It is about getting your home energy efficient while keeping your hard-earned greens in your pocket. Let’s show you how to really go green on St. Patrick’s Day.

How Energy Efficiency Equals Going Green
One way to get your home ‘green’ is by reducing your carbon output. And one of the easiest methods is by reducing your energy use. Reducing energy use will also translate to savings in your pocket from lower electricity bills.

From a young age, we’ve all been told how to practice basic energy conservation. Turn off the lights when not in a room or turn the heat down when going out for the day. But, of course, remembering to do so is not always that easy. Manually managing your energy conservation efforts requires developing a routine that unfortunately, will take a back seat with the chaos of life. What happens when you are rushing to leave for vacation and forget to turn the heat down?

We just would like to say – leave the manual ways behind and head on into the 21st century with automation. Home automation devices are designed to address those issues of manual energy conservation.

Energy Efficiency and Home Automation
Heating, cooling, and lighting are the main contributors to your electricity costs. By automating these areas for efficiency, you can ‘go green’ and significantly increase your savings. Here are just a few of the home automation devices that can help you go green:

  • Thermostat Control: With smart thermostats, you can program your thermostat to certain temperatures depending on the time of day and you can adjust them remotely.
  • Efficient Lighting: By installing occupancy sensors in certain rooms and motion sensor controlled external lights, you can significantly reduce your lighting costs. Lighting dimmers are also a way to reduce costs and double the life of your energy efficient bulbs. And being able to remotely control your lights can help you out on those days that you leave home and forget to turn off the lights.
  • Automatic Shade: Automated shades that lowers during the heat to keep the sun out and raises during cold temperatures helps to regulate your indoor temperature for greater efficiency.

Go Green with ATP
So, when planning your green parties and fun for St. Patrick’s Day, remember that you can have long-term benefits from doing your little part in going green. Reduce your carbon output through energy efficiency by home automation.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of green in your home and greens in your pocket, give ATP Alarms a call today. We’ll be happy to inspect your home and show you all the ways you could be saving by going energy efficient today.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of green in your home and greens in your pocket, give ATP Alarms a call today.