Home Automation for Busy Professionals

Home Automation for Busy Professionals

Call 844-287-2576 to learn more about Home Automation for Busy Professionals. ATP can help Automate Your Lifestyle with a customized Home Automation System.As a busy professional, the technology in your home should be working just as hard as you. Here are some home automation tips that can make life easier and save you money as you go about your day.

Regulating indoor temperature

Whether it’s the winter or summer, keeping your thermostat at the right temperature is important. But, with a smart thermostat, you can automate the changes you want whether you’re at home or not.

So, set the temperature at uncomfortable degrees – if you don’t have pets – when you’re not home and save on your energy bills. If you have pets, you can adjust the temperature to suit them throughout the day and keep them safe. For your use, you can easily have the system adjust automatically before you get home, or just jump on your smartphone and adjust it before you step in the door.

Saving on Energy Costs

Home automation tools that can increase your energy savings include automated lights that turn on and off depending on the time of day or if anyone is in a room. If you forget to turn the lights off before you leave, then no worries as it will turn off itself.

Automated blinds can make it look like someone is home. Apart from this security aspect, they are also useful in helping to regulate indoor temperatures. So, set them to open and close during the winter months to let in natural light and warmth. In the summer, keep them closed to keep out the heat and automatically raise them in the evenings.

Taking care of your pets

Use video monitoring to check on your pets during the day. Let the pet sitter or walker inside using a Skybell doorbell which you can answer from anywhere. You can see who is at the door and a smart door lock can allow you to open and close the door remotely to let the sitter in.

Track the arming of your alarm system

Left home and not sure if you turned on the alarm system? That’s easy to check with a smart alarm system, especially one from ATP Alarms. Remotely arm and disarm your system using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Home automation for busy professionals like you is a must. So, set up your home to reflect your busy lifestyle. ATP Alarms can help. Schedule a visit, and we’ll walk through all the automation devices that can make your days more productive and efficient.

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