Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

3 Home Automation Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here once again. Once more, it’s time to find the perfect gift for mom. We love our moms and what is a better way to celebrate mom than doing something special for her.

Call (844) 287-2576 for help with your Mother’s Day Gift Ideas. Discover 3 Home Automation Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day from American Total Protection.In addition to the flowers and dinner you may plan for your mom, also give a gift that keeps on giving – home automation devices.

If you don’t live with your mom (and even if you do), safety is often a concern. But, you can alleviate some of those concerns. And one of those things that you can give that special lady in your life is the ease of living at home. Home automation devices make day-to-day tasks easier by automating control. Plus, they can significantly reduce energy use.

3 Home Automation Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Total Connect Home System
A Honeywell Total Connect system will help your mother integrate all the essential safety and security devices in her home. From the windows and doors to the smoke and CO detectors, she can have them all on one system to easily check (and where you can also keep track too).

Intelligent Alarm Keypads
Now, if you are not yet ready for the full Total Connect route, consider getting an intelligent alarm keypad set-up. This will monitor most things from CO levels to moisture in the home, your indoor temperature and more. It does this automatically once programmed, and will send real-time notifications to a PC, laptop or smartphone.

Smart Lighting Control Systems
You can automate her lights to turn on/off based on certain trigger situations, based on a schedule, or even remotely. Installing automated lights can also help to reduce your Mother’s energy bills. Set lights to automatically come on when she enters a room. Install automated exterior flood lights to deter burglars.

Show mom you love her this Mother’s Day. Get her smart home automation devices that make life easier, improves her security, and gives you peace of mind. Contact ATP Alarms and let’s make Mother’s Day even more special for your Mom.

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