Smart Home Lighting Means Better Home Security

Smart Home Lighting Means Better Home Security

Call (844) 287-2576 for Smart Home Lighting. Smart Lights Means Better Home Security. ATP Alarms specializes in Smart Home Automation Solutions.How often do you get home and the place is in total darkness? Your streetlights barely do anything to illuminate your door entry or the garage. You worry whether anyone is lurking nearby and if you can get in to open and close the doors quickly.

This doesn’t have to be you in 2020.

It’s easier than ever to install adequate security lighting for your protection and peace of mind.

Smart Home Lighting

No lighting means your building is now attractive to burglars. Lights left on throughout the day are also a signal. So, what to do?

Automated lighting. With the right lighting system indoors and outdoors, you can transform a scary space into a comfy, more secure home.

Smart residential lighting comes in many different forms. So, it’s about identifying what would work best for your needs. Dusk-to-dawn lamps come on automatically when the space gets dark or turn off when there’s daylight. On the other hand, timed lighting allows you to set the exact time that you want the lights to come on.

Both of these are suitable if you work late or have family and friends visiting after hours.

But remember that depending on the system you get and the placement of the cameras, this could be affected by other lights. For example, if two lights are too close together, one of the sensors may interpret the light of the other bulb as daylight and not come on.

Smart lighting just one aspect of smart home automation and security

Smart lights are just one aspect of your home security and home automation systems. Consider integrating other automation systems like window and glass break sensors, motion and smoke detectors, etc.

All of this and more can also be monitored monthly for you at an affordable price. Contact ATP Alarms about our home security and monitoring systems designed for your peace of mind.

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