How to Upgrade Your Home for your Parents

How to Upgrade Your Home for your Parents

Call (844) 287-2576 for information about How to Upgrade Your Home for your Parents. Get Home Security & Home Automation Tips from ATP Alarms, Call Today!Nursing homes attract additional expenses that you or your parents may not have budgeted for yet. But, you can upgrade your home, or theirs, to make it easier to continue living at home longer. Home should be welcoming and make one feel comfortable. But, as you get older it becomes more difficult to do basic things. So, here are 4 ways to upgrade your home to help an older family member live comfortably.

1. Install Home Improvement Devices
As one gets older, it is always good to make certain things easier. Start by replacing the rugs and flooring in your home to prevent trips. Install handrails and grab bars to increase safety and stability throughout the homes, especially in the bathrooms.

2. Improve Lighting
Make it easier to turn the lights on in different rooms of the house by installing motion sensor lights. This is good for stairs to make sure that everyone can see going up and down the stairs, lowering the risks of tripping. Timed lighting is especially important for the outdoors. It works as a deterrent for crime and notification for intruders. Coupled with an alarm, this enhances your home security.

3. Install Home Automation Devices
Technology has improved connectivity and with that the options for improving convenience and security. Centralized control systems are ideal for persons with limited mobility. From a central hub, they can control the temperature, operate the lights, lock and unlock doors. And being easily accessible via a smartphone, both you and your family member can access them at your convenience.

4. Upgrade Your Security System
With home automation, you and your older family members have better access to improving and securing your home. This includes:
a. Security devices such as the Skybell Doorbell, where your parents / family members can view who is at the door from the comfort of another room.
b. Monitoring devices for carbon monoxide, water, smoke, and fire.
c. Managed security system that provides an added level of comfort by having someone on call in the event of an emergency.

ATP can help you upgrade your home with safety and security devices that are easy to use and increases convenience and comfort. We believe in protecting those we love. Give us a call today and let’s get started on improving your house for your older family members to truly feel at home.

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