5 Essential Home Video Surveillance Tips

5 Essential Home Video Surveillance Tips

Call 844-287-25765 to Learn More About Essential Home Video Surveillance Tips. American Total Protection specializes in Home Security & Automation Systems.We see so many home video surveillance ads about how easy it is to install a home surveillance system. But how many of us actually know what to do, where to place them, and why to place the cameras in specific locations?

That’s what these essential CCTV placement tips are to help you with today.

The Essential Home Video Surveillance Tips

This is another in our series on residential video surveillance tips. The five tips in this post will ensure that if you want to DIY your camera surveillance system, you understand what is required for the cameras to serve their purpose.

1. Lighting is a must

For your cameras to do their jobs – record people and activity – it needs adequate lighting. So, from natural light in the day to proper lighting at night, you must ensure that lighting complements your cameras.

2. Location takes priority

Where you think may work for your camera versus where they should be located can be very different. You need to understand where is best suited to take advantage of lighting, safety, vantage, scope, and more.

3. Weather-resistance quality is vital

The quality of the surveillance system is important. It should be able to withstand the natural elements on a day-to-day basis, so you won’t need to replace or repair it frequently.

4. Recording Capabilities

What happens if you’re not actively monitoring your live feed? You will miss critical information that could help you solve issues that affect your property. So, what should you do if you’re not tracking your system daily or have motion sensors installed? You should have a camera system with the appropriate recording and playback capabilities included.

5. Image quality is important

What’s the point of a security camera system if you can’t see the recorded images clearly? In addition to where the cameras are placed, the quality of the camera is also very important if you need to identify faces, license plates, pets, etc.

Installing your home camera system using these tips

If you’re not sure how to apply these tips when installing a home camera system, then contact ATP Alarms. Our technicians specialize in residential surveillance systems installation. You can rely on them to ensure your system is installed following best practices to benefit you and your home.

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