Airbnb Home Security

How to Protect Your Property and Guests

The short-term rental market has been rapidly expanding, especially with the use of Airbnb. But with this increase also comes the various stories of damage to owners’ property. Airbnb home security is, therefore, an essential addition to protecting your property and guests.

Call 844-287-2576 for Airbnb Home Security. Learn How to Protect Your Guests & Property with a Home Security System from ATP Alarms. Call for a Free Quote!Home safety and security solutions protect your property, give your guests an added layer of comfort, and can contribute to improved ratings and rentals on the Airbnb platform. Airbnb insurance does not cover all aspects of your property’s security. Therefore, you need to take matters into your own hands and put in place options that will protect you if things do not go as planned.

Airbnb Home Security Devices

  • Carbon monoxide detectors:

This is a great addition to a rental property that lets guests know that you care about their safety and they can rest assured that they will be protected from poisoning throughout their stay.

  • Smoke & Fire Detectors:

Most house fires take place in homes without smoke detectors and as such most fire-related deaths are in homes without a fire alarm. Protect life and property by having a monitored fire alarm installed. In the event of a fire, your guests will be alerted, you will be notified, and the monitoring UL station can contact the fire department.

  • Freeze Sensors:

Frozen water expands and results in burst pipes leading to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage. Be notified if the temperature drops suddenly in your rental property so you can send help to mitigate any eventual water or property damage.

  • Water / Flood Sensors:

Anything can happen while someone is in your property or not. Being able to quickly identify when you have a water leak issue can greatly reduce your losses. You can get someone quickly on the job and prevent the problem for getting worse.

  • Smart Locks & Access:

Keyless entry allows you to change the passcode between guests to maintain safety. Instead of having to cut keys and forgetting to change the locks, you have an easy way to simple update entry without the hassle.

  • Cameras:

If you are using surveillance cameras, Airbnb requires that you disclose this in your listings and photographs. And Airbnb forbids cameras in personal spaces. But, a security camera for the exterior of your premises can enhance your security listing profile. It shows that the exterior of your property is monitored for visitors’ safety while allowing you to monitor access to your property.

Advertise your Security Set-up

Entice guests to your Airbnb rental property by listing your security features as amenities. This helps guests to feel more comfortable, especially if they are visiting a new area.

ATP Is Your Property Security Company

American Total Protection provides comprehensive and customizable home security systems, alarm and automation as needed. Home security for Airbnb homes or other rental properties is easy with ATP Alarms. Contact us to begin securing your rental property.

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