Amazon Home Deliveries

Amazon Home Deliveries
How to Use Your Home Security System to Safeguard your Home

Are you interested in Amazon Home Deliveries using the Amazon Key? Are you wondering how the system works and the potential problems with deliverymen having access to your home? Here’s how you can use your home security system to safeguard your home during those deliveries.

What is Amazon Key and How Does It Work

Amazon released a new home delivery method for its Prime Members in the latter part of 2017 – the Amazon Key. This Key allows the deliverymen, at a date and time agreed with you, to open your door and deliver your packages inside your house.

The attraction of Amazon Key is that your packages won’t be left outside and up to the elements or thieves. But of course, there are security concerns.

Security Concerns Regarding the Amazon Key Delivery System

Call (844) 287-2576 for Amazon Home Deliveries Security Systems. ATP Alarms can show you how to use your Home Security System to Safeguard your Home.Potential users of the service are, of course, worried about giving random deliverymen access to their homes. And rightly so. How can you know what the deliverymen are doing once they have unlocked your door?

Amazon provided what it considered a workaround to persons worried about random delivery persons having access to their home – a security camera. This Cloud Cam, supplied through Amazon, could record all activity during the delivery.

But, according to Wired, these wirelessly enabled cameras are susceptible to hacking with a “simple program on a computer in Wi-Fi range”. It can let deliverymen disable your camera once they’ve gained access to your home. Plus, though the cameras are freestanding, you must plug in the system for it to work. So, what happens when the power is out?

And are there any solutions to this dilemma?

Use Your Home Security System to Safeguard your Home

So, what if you want to take advantage of Amazon’s new home delivery system? But you also want to safeguard your home?

Amazon releases and plans to continue releasing security updates for its camera and key system.

But, we also recommend that if you want to use the Amazon Key for your home deliveries, then you control the security requirements of your home. You have a reputable security company install a camera system with cameras in and around your home so that you can easily monitor from anywhere in the world.

These cameras will provide general security for you and your home on a regular basis. But they can become even more important if you will be letting unknown deliverymen into your home while you are away.

Consider an additional delivery system to the Amazon Key – an integrated security system whereby you can see who is at your door and remotely unlock the door to give them access. This is a smart lock that you directly control as the homeowner. This is your own security system and not connected to the Amazon network. The drawback is that you will have to be accessible at the time of the delivery.

You still have options regarding your home deliveries outside the Key. There are deliveries at an Amazon Locker, shipped to a UPS store, or delivered at work. If you still do front door deliveries, install motion sensors that will alert you if someone comes onto your porch.

Ready to Assess the Benefits of Your Own Camera or Security System?

If you want to discuss putting in a separate security camera as a backup to Amazon’s Cloud Cam, then contact us at ATP Alarms. Our security experts will review your home and highlight the areas that should be covered for your safety.

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