Catch Burglars in the Act

Catch Burglars in the Act. Home Security Solutions that Work

Call (844) 287-2576 to Catch Burglars in the Act. ATP Alarm Specializes in Home Security Solutions with Professional Security Monitoring for Residences.What if you come home and realize that you have been robbed? You have a security camera, and the footage shows the people that invaded your privacy. But they are wearing masks. And this happened two days ago because you had gone on a quick trip.

Two days is a long time for them to have already sold the items they stole from your home. And the camera footage isn’t useful for identification purposes because you can’t identify anyone in the footage.

What’s the solution to this dilemma?

Professional Security Monitoring

With professional security monitoring, you can catch burglars in the act.
That’s the convenience and beauty of having a managed security system. A smart home security system can:

  • Notify you on your smart device that an alarm has gone off in a specific location of your home.
  • Immediately notify your monitoring station that something is wrong.
  • Allow both you and your company to get law enforcement officials to your property to – you guessed it – catch them in the act.

How Does Professional Security Monitoring Work

It’s all about who’s watching. A professionally monitored alarm system is connected to a central UL monitoring station. There, operators will monitor your security system 24/7. This is whether you’re at home or not.

Now, if an alarm goes off, an operator will contact you to verify that it wasn’t a false alarm. If they can’t reach you or you indicate that you’re not at home, they will quickly request first responders to visit your home.

And if you’re worried about what if the intruders are holding you? When the operator calls, you would have a specific passcode that will notify them whether you are OK or not.

Why A Monitored Security Systems Makes Sense

You can get a pretty good self-monitored smart alarm system. And it can connect the alarms and video feed to your smart devices. This smart self-monitored system will notify you of unannounced access to your home. This is pretty handy because you can call the officials to get to your home before the would-be burglars make off with your valuables.

But, what happens if you’re out of cell range and you don’t get the notification that someone has entered your home? Or you’re in a building that doesn’t allow cell phone use or even blocks the signal?

Because even in these situations, someone is paying attention.

Self-Monitored or Centrally Monitored Alarm System?

ATP offers both self-monitored and centrally monitored home alarm systems. Give us a call if you want to discuss further the advantages of each system. We will be happy to go through the features and benefits so you can make an informed decision of how best to protect your home.

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