Evaluating Your Home Security Needs

Have You Outgrown Your Current System?

Have You Outgrown Your Current System? Evaluating Your Home Security Needs can be tricky. The professionals at ATP Alarms offer a Free Home Security Review.Is your home as safe as it can be for you and your family? If you already have a security system, you might believe that you are fully covered.

But, every day systems are upgraded, and new versions are released. Now, it’s not that we advocate that you run and install new updates and upgrades as they occur. In fact, we take time to evaluate the various options available before offering them to our clients.

So, how do you determine whether your system is the best that can be installed for your specific home? Here are a few things to consider.

A Basic Security Evaluation

1. Do you have motion detector lights?
This is quite a simple fix and is a huge deterrent to night-time robberies. You also have to know where best and how high to place these lights. Therefore, if you don’t currently have motion detectors and motion detector lights installed, you should consider getting them done soon.

2. What’s the quality of your security camera system?
It is much easier today to install surveillance systems at home for monitoring and protection. But, what is the quality of the system you have? Will you be able to identify anyone in the recorded video footage should an unfortunate incident happen? For law enforcement to help, we have to give quality evidence, and this is a big one that should always be evaluated.

3. Is your home security system easily accessible?
Today’s smart home security systems allow remote access. So, does your system employ state-of-the-art technology that makes it easier for you to control your home’s security?

Have Questions? Need Help with an Existing System?

While there are many DIY security inspection checklists for evaluating your home security, and we have even written a few, there is nothing like having a professional eye looking at your system. With a professional, you can get solutions that are tailored to your unique situation.

If you want to know exactly what security upgrades may be available for your home, then schedule a security inspection with ATP Alarms.

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