Halloween Safety and Security Tips

Halloween Safety and Security Tips
Are You Ready for Night Owls and Ghouls?

Call 844-287-2576 for Halloween Safety and Security Tips . Are you ready for Halloween? ATP Alarms can review your home security. Get a Free Security Review!Halloween. One of the most fun times of the year for many. I’m sure you’ve bought up the candy to distribute. Completed your little one’s (and not so little ones) costumes. And ready to enjoy a night of trick and treating. But, just to make sure that we are fully ready for the evening, let’s do a quick safety and security check. That way, you and your home are ready for all the night owls and ghouls that will come prowling by.

Proper Lighting to Light Up the Night
We know you would like to go for the spooky setting in keeping with the night’s theme. But this can be dangerous for both you and the trick-or-treaters.

With the many little ones roaming around, you can help them to stay safe by having your property well-lit during the night. This will light their way and keep them from tripping over anything in your yard.
To ensure that your property is properly lit, consider dusk-to-dawn lamps that will automatically turn off at sunrise and on at sunset. So, even if you aren’t at home when the trick-or-treaters come by, they can still see where they are going. And other people can see them.

Arm Your Security System When You Go Out
Maybe you’re taking your kids out treating or to a Halloween party. If you’re leaving home, make sure to arm your security system to prevent random ghouls from targeting your property.

With the many adults and children wearing masks, it is a great time for unsavory characters to pretend to be out having fun when in fact they are just looking for a vulnerable home to rob.

If you don’t want to be that unlucky person on Halloween night, ensure that:

  • Your timers are on to light specific rooms to make it seem as if you’re home
  • Your security camera is optimized to catch all relevant angles and well-lit by your security lighting
  • You armed your system when you left or have the app on your phone in case you forgot in the rush out
  • Your phone battery is fully charged for you to periodically check in while you’re out

If you don’t have a security system as yet, then there is still time to get one installed before the big night. Contact ATP and a home security specialist will help you identify the best system to protect your home.
Ask him or her about our handy Skybell Doorbells that allows you to see who is at your door and even answer as if you’re home.

If you have any other concerns for you or visitors to your home, contact ATP Alarms for more Halloween Safety and Security Tips. We take pride in protecting those you love. And we’ll help you find a solution to whatever security problem you may face. Happy frights and enjoy your bags of delights. Let’s keep Halloween safe, secure, and fun for all. Happy Halloween!

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