Home Safety Checks for Summer

Home Safety Checks for Summer

Call (844) 287-2576 for Home Safety Checks for Summer. ATP Alarms Specializes in Home Security & Business / Fire / Home Safety Tips for Summer 2017.It’s Summer. Have you done your home summer safety checks? The kids will be home, family and friends visiting. It can become a full house. With that in mind, we have provided some areas for you to check this summer. This way you can enjoy all that summer has to offer knowing that you and your family are protected.

Home Security System Checks
If you’ve not had an alarm go off in the past year, it is time to have your system checked by a certified professional. This isn’t to say that it never went off because there is a fault. But you want to make sure that all components of your system are working properly so that in the event of an emergency, your security system is in fine working condition.

Check Smoke Detectors
Fires are one of the hazards of holiday barbecues and entertainment. Check your batteries and that your smoke detectors are in working condition. It could save your life and the life of your family members.

Check you Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Summer is a great time to begin checking your carbon monoxide sensors / detectors throughout the home. With so many equipment releasing carbon monoxide, you want to ensure that your detectors are in working order.

Check / Install Motion Sensors
With exterior motion sensor lights, you do not need to leave the outside lights on whenever you go out. They will automatically come on once you are home allowing you to see better. Plus, there is the security benefit of deterring criminals.

Check Your Fire Extinguishers
Check your fire extinguishers to ensure that they are fully compliant. You may need to contact a reliable security firm to have your fire extinguisher certified. This post takes you through the steps to certify your fire extinguisher.

Clean Your HVAC System
Lint, dirt and other debris in your HVAC system will contribute to lower efficiency and therefore higher cooling costs. A dirty system also contributes to indoor air pollutants that can affect your sinuses and allergies. Have your filters and system cleaned to ensure that your indoor air quality is at its best this summer.

If you don’t have all the safety and security systems installed in your home, give us a call here at ATP and enjoy our Summer Specials to keep those you love safe and secure.

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