Home Security for Pet Owners

Home Security for Pet Owners

Call (844) 287-2576 for Home Security for Pet Owners. Learn Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe While You're Gone. ATP Alarms specializes in Home Security Systems.Are you a pet owner worrying about leaving your pet at home alone? Will there be a fire? Could your pets be poisoned? What if an intruder breaks in? These and more are the concerns that pet owners face daily. But, with ATP as your safety and security partner, you can reduce and eliminate these worries with effective safety measures. Here are a few ways that we provide home security for pet owners.

Prevent False Alarms
Motion sensors are an ideal addition to a home security system to detect intruders. But, a lot of motion sensors can be triggered by family pets and lead to false alarms. Apart from the noise of the alarm going on, you can incur police fines for false alarm calls. Get professionally installed motion sensors configured to prevent false alarms being triggered by your pets. Systems installed by ATP can be configured to ignore small pets and reduce your chances of getting into trouble with the law from excessive false alarms.

Protect your Pets from Fire
Regular smoke detectors are only useful if someone is at home to call the fire department. Instead, you need an integrated monitored fire alarm system that also sends a notice to you. With a monitored system, the fire department can respond quickly and ultimately save your pet’s life.
You can also protect them from death by carbon monoxide poisoning. This odorless gas is deadly to humans and our pets. Install a remotely monitored carbon monoxide monitor for added peace of mind.

Keep an Eye on Your Pets
Want to know what your pets are doing? Professional security companies carry options for remote video monitoring. With this, you can remotely tap into your home’s live video feed through the app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer for real-time monitoring of your pets to see that they are safe and sound.

Ensure your pets are comfortable by having lighting and thermostats that can be automated or remotely adjusted.

Benefits of Home Security for Pet Owners
Reduce your stress. Don’t worry about leaving the pets at home alone anymore. Leave your pets at home knowing that they will be protected with quality security measures. And home automation keeps your pets safe and comfortable.

Enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with having a home safety and security system that protects your pets from ATP.

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