Home Security Systems for New Home Constructions

Home Security Systems for New Home Constructions

Why Pre-Wire Your New Building Construction

Call (844) 287-2576 for home security systems for new home constructions. ATP Alarms specializes in home security solutions for new residential constructionHave you ever seen homes where the home security system looks like an afterthought? Where you see wires visible everywhere? There is ad hoc integration of systems and you’re just not sure they did the installation properly? And you think to yourself that they should have pre-wired the building?
Well, if you are building a new home, don’t let this be your final look. When constructing a new house, there are certain things that you should make sure to include in the design and construction phase. And one such system is your home security system for your new home construction.

Four Benefits of Pre-Wiring Your New Building Construction for Home Security

1. Lower Installation Costs
Consider that you built your new home. And now you need to re-wire for security cameras or other safety features. You either end up with unsightly wires protruding or along your walls. Or, you pay to have panels removed so that the wiring can be installed without being visible – an avoidable expense.

Now, imagine if you had incorporated all of this at the time that you were building. Wouldn’t it have been simpler, more convenient, and economical to pre-wire your building at the construction stage?

That’s one of the benefits of prewiring your new house for home security. You limit the disruptions after. Plus, you can safely and comfortably move into your new home knowing that you will be protected from the first day.

2. Integration with Home Automation Devices
Integrating your home security and home automation systems allow you a level of security that is not often available to new homeowners. Pre-wiring allows you access to full functionality and integration with home safety and security devices. You can:

  • Install high-quality touchscreen panels in the right places for arming or disarming your system
  • Turn your lights on or off while not at home
  • Remotely lock your doors
  • Get instant notifications if you someone tries to burglarize your home

3. Customizable for Your Needs and Budget
When you include home security in the designs for your new home, you can factor in your family’s unique needs. For example, if you will have an older parent or family member living with you, you can incorporate panic button systems. If you have pets, you can configure your auto systems so as to lower false alarms.

And, in knowing your budget at the outset, you can incorporate what you need from early. You can prewire even if you do not intend to have a full install immediately. What you do, instead, is to put in the necessary infrastructure so that when you have the funds or are ready to install the system, you already have all the subsystems in place. And you can prewire for future upgrades as you see fit.

4. Higher Property Resale Value
A properly installed and integrated home security system can increase the value of your property. So, if you do decide to move, your integrated home security system will increase the rates at which you can sell your property. Plus, a security system is also attractive to home buyers. (Not to mention the reductions and discounts you can enjoy from your insurance company).

Finding a Home Security Company that Understands New Construction
Now that we understand the benefits of incorporating a security system from the design and construction phase, it is time to look at who you will trust to do so. Finding the right home security company will make all the difference in your new home design and construction. When the company can get on the ground from early, they limit unnecessary spending to retrofit your building to meet your security needs.

Make sure your preferred security company can handle pre-wiring your property for:

  • Sensors on the doors and windows
  • Glass-break sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Security cameras
  • Control panels
  • Fire alarms
  • CO2 detectors

If you want to understand how a security professional can help you with your new home, contact ATP Alarms. Our experts can guide you through the process. They will also work with your contractor so that you have a safe and secure home ready to move into and enjoy.
Don’t let your home security system look like an afterthought. Hire a security professional for your home pre-wiring. You will not regret it.

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