Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home This Summer

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Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home This Summer

Call (844) 287-2576 for info on Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home This Summer. ATP Alarms offers great Child Home Safety Tips for summer while you're at work.It’s summer. Are your kids at home alone? How are you keeping them occupied? More importantly, how are you keeping your kids safe at home this summer?

You just can’t get around it. You have to work. The kids are too old for daycare. And summer camp will not cover the entire summer holidays. The kids will have to stay home alone for the summer. They are old enough that this shouldn’t be a problem. But what have you done to ensure that they stay safe?

Here are a few tips to help you keep your children safe this holiday period.

1. Complete your summer safety checks: Complete your summer home safety checks. This ensures that your home is ready for the holidays and will be safe for the kids who will be all alone.

2. Provide Emergency Contact Details: Make sure your children know how to reach you or a trusted family member in case of an emergency. And that all the important telephone numbers, such as emergency services, are written down where they can easily find them. And programmed in the phone.

3. Keep An Eye on The Kids: With internal and external home security cameras, you can easily keep an eye on the kids from work. You can see their activities and ensure that they aren’t doing anything that could potentially harm them.

4. Monitor Strangers at The Door: One of the things that worry parents is strangers coming to the home and being let in by the kids. Warn your children not to answer the door for anyone that you aren’t expecting. And you can monitor this as well with an intelligent doorbell such as Skybell Video Doorbell. You can see who is at the door in real time and even answer as if you are home.

5. Monitor Inside Your Home: With an intelligent alarm keypad that sends a signal to your phone, tablet, or computer, you can receive real-time notifications of problems such as:

  • increased CO2 levels
  • moisture from broken pipes
  • smoke alarms in the event of a fire

6. Review Your Fire & Emergency Drills: Go over your emergency exit plans with the kids in case of a fire or other emergency. Review how to use the burglar alarm system and contacting the monitoring station if you have a centrally monitored alarm system.

7. Keep the Kids Busy: Idle hands. You know what they say. Schedule activities for the kids to do. Whether day camps or at home activities to be completed such as reading, special projects, or chores, ensure that they always have something to occupy their time. Also, have the kids check-in with you at specific times during the day so that you know they are OK.

Having to work and taking care of the kids over the summer is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

You can find the peace of mind you need this summer with ATP Alarms. If you have any safety concerns about leaving the kids at home, feel free to contact the team at ATP Alarms. We can help you prepare your home to keep them safe and keep you worry free.

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