New Vacation Home Sitter

A Smart Home Security System

Watch and protect your home with the home sitter that is always on – your smart home security system.

Call (844) 287-2576 to make your home smart enough to be a home sitter for you | ATP Alarms specializes in Home Security & Home Automation Solutions.Traditional house sitter services have their pros and cons. One of those is that your house sitter has access to all your assets. You must, therefore, be able to trust that person with your home. If you don’t have a trusted family member or close friend you have to rely on a reputable home sitter company.

But what happens if the house sitter has to leave and something happens while they are away? If your house sitter has to leave your home, then you can’t enjoy 24/7 protection.

But, there is a way to house sit without having to rely on anyone being physically at your home – a Smart Home Security System.

The Smart Homesitter
Technology has made it easier to watch your home while you’re away on vacation. With the use of a smart home security system, you can put in place measures that give you the peace of mind you seek while on vacation.

With a fully integrated system, you can:

  1. Always have eyes on your home with a monitored home security system
  2. Accept deliveries while you’re away with the Skybell Doorbell that lets you see who is at the door
  • You can answer the door remotely, unlock your door, and watch your deliveries in real time
  1. Keep track of home sensor activities that notify you of everything in the home
  • When your sump pump is activated
  • Water leak detectors when there is a broken main
  • Motion sensors for activity around your house
  1. Monitor your system arming status, your garage doors, and lighting in and around the house

What to Do if You Hire a House Sitter
Even if you choose to hire a traditional house sitter, a smart home security system will still leave control in your hands and helps the home sitter to do a better job at protecting your home and assets. You will be able to:

  • Monitor what takes place in your home and who they entertain in your house while you’re away
  • Provide a keyless access code to let them in which you can change instead of worrying about duplicate keys

Ready to make your smart home security system do the heavy lifting in your house-sitting duties?

Contact ATP Alarms and let’s discuss how we can make your home smart enough to housesit for you while you enjoy your vacation.

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