New Year’s Resolution to Protect Your Home & Property

New Year, New Rules.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Protect Your Home & Property

As you think about the coming year ahead and make plans for 2018, think about how you will protect your family and property. What safety measures and security actions are necessary to improve the protection of your home and property.

Call (844) 287-2576 to Make a New Year’s Resolution to Protect Your Home & Property. ATP Alarms specializes in Solutions to Protect Your Home in 2018.Here are 3 New Year’s Resolutions that you can make to protect your home and property.

Add Door and Window Alarms

Keeping your windows and doors locked should be your first line of defense in protecting your home. Adding alarms to your windows and doors, your second. You can choose to use wireless alarms found at your local home centers or online. However, these alarms don’t give as much protection as a professionally installed monitored system which also covers glass break alarms.

Add Automation to Your Doors and Windows

Did you know that more than 30% of burglars enter homes because of an unlocked door or window? They did not have to exert any force to get in these homes. Don’t make that mistake in 2018. Install a home automation system where you can remotely lock your doors and windows. Never leave home again and worry whether you forgot to lock the doors without having a way to fix it. With home automation, once you start worrying, you can check, and lock if needed.

Install Motion Detector Lighting

Motion detector lighting gives you added peace of mind that you can know when someone is on your property. It can also act as a deterrent to petty thieves and home break-ins.

Have your security company install motion detector lighting everywhere important to your home’s safety. A security professional can assess the best locations for lighting and desired installation heights for maximum impact.

Make a New Years Resolution to Protect Your Home and Property

If you need guidance on the ideal security and safety systems that would suit your property, give ATP Alarms a call.

We are invested in the safety of our clients and will work with you to identify the best solutions to protect your home and property starting in 2018. Give us a call today and ask about our home automation and security systems.

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