Taking Control of Safety and Security

ATP Customers are Taking Control of Safety and Security

With the recent spate of crimes in our local communities, it is imperative that we protect life and property. This is a brief snapshot of some of the residential and commercial safety and security solutions that ATP Alarms has been delivering in your communities and beyond.

Residential Safety Solutions
Call 844-287-2576 for help with Taking Control of Safety and Security in your home or office. ATP Alarms specializes in Access Control & Security Systems.We have been helping our neighbors improve their safety and security. They choose between full or partials installations or upgrades as they make their homes smarter and safer. A lot of our residential clients are repeat customers. They have already experienced the difference with ATP. And they’ve extended the hand to helping family members. They protect their parents or recommend us to other family members.

Some are business owners who have already installed commercial systems and are now ready to upgrade their homes. The most popular solutions for families over the past two months have been home security systems. Adding smart home features as you go just makes sense.

Similarly, you do not have to go full swoop at the outset, you can start with the most needed and work the others in as you go.

Commercial Security Solutions
ATP is helping a variety of businesses protect their premises and employees. Our clients include insurance providers, property management firms, distribution companies and restaurants, to name a few. For our business clients, we have implemented safety and security systems that will protect life and property.

Some of our systems for which businesses have been engaging ATP to assist them in securing their premises include:

  • Cameras: We’ve assisted companies such as Fulfillment Works to install a multi-head camera. They reduce the camera count necessary to monitor several angles/areas of their operations. It also captures high-tech images in the dark. Dragon East Restaurant, a long-time customer of ATP, also installed HD cameras.
  • Alarms: Feral and Cats requested an alarm system to keep their art collection safe.
  • Fire safety systems: Properties are being protected by expertly installed fire safety systems through ATP.

Owners have chosen us for multiple locations such as Paul Dupervil and his company, Real Property Management. We are also providing security systems for government agencies. For example, one of our more recent projects is installing a system to protect the zero-energy building of the Economic Development Corporation.

Non-profits too (such as New Life Church) have chosen ATP as their security solutions provider.

As can be seen from our recent projects, ATP has a variety of solutions. We are also a trusted name in your communities for helping families and business owners protect what matters to them. We offer peace of mind with our solutions.

With solutions and systems from ATP, you can deter acts of vandalism, prevent burglaries and theft. For more details on our long list of client projects check out our Facebook page.

We take the stress out of protecting your home or business. If you are interested in protecting your home or business as others in your community are doing contact ATP Alarms. This is real life. You need a real security company. ATP Alarms is American Total Protection.

We take the stress out of protecting your home or business. If you are interested in protecting your home or business as others in your community are doing contact ATP Alarms.