What are the Essential Layers for Quality Home Security?

The Essential Layers for Quality Home Security

Quality home security systems come in layers. That means there are essential parts/different types of safety measures that make up the whole. When correctly put together, you have a fully functioning security system that provides the best security coverage possible.

Wondering what are the Essential Layers for Quality Home Security? Call (844) 287-2576 Today!. ATP Alarms specializes in quality home security systems.But what are the essential layers? And how can you put them in place properly? We give you an overview of the main layers that you should have as part of your home security system.


The Home Security Layers

Your home security should have systems in place to deter, delay, and defend your property from an intruder. Here are the basics to do this.

  • Lightning
    Indoors and outdoors, proper lighting is an essential part of layered home security protection. Externally, you need to have all the right areas well lit. A home that is well lit is less likely to be a target than one shrouded in darkness. For external lights, consider installing dusk-to-dawn lamps in strategic places. And inside, keeping a few lights on can also work to deter burglars.
  • Locks
    One of the easiest access that burglars have to a home is an unlocked door. So, invest in quality locks and ensure that you lock up when you leave the house. To make this work a bit easier for you, consider getting a smart lock where you can remotely lock your doors if you rush out and forget to close up behind you.

  • Monitoring
    Having access to monitor your home consistently is an important part of your home security. And that’s why quality home surveillance cameras should form a part of your security system. You can get a monitored system which is overseen by a central UL monitoring station. Or you can get one which you can access on your mobile devices. Or even get a surveillance system where you can do both.
  • Comprehensive Security System
    keeping with the aim of delaying, deterring, and defending your property, you should invest in a home security system that includes glass break detectors/sensors, alarm system, and maybe even panic buttons. For a fully layered system, contact a home security professional.

    The Best Layered Protection for your Home

    For the best in layered protection for home security, contact ATP Alarms. We will work with you to put in place all the essential layers for the best security system for the protection of your home and those you love the most.

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